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Everything you need to know about Coupa’s R38 Release in January 2024

Everything you need to know about Coupa’s R38 Release in January 2024

December 22, 2023
Iffat Ara Khanam

Coupa is a Cloud-based spend management solution that assists firms in managing payments, supply chain, and procurement procedures. It enables businesses to become more resilient, have a better understanding of their spending, and turn financial obstacles into opportunities.  

Coupa delivers three mandatory releases every year, as well as additional enhancements throughout the year. Companies can also customize these updates to meet their specific requirements.  

Let’s dive into discussing the most recent Coupa R38 release. It is not simply an upgrade; it is also a significant advancement that offers new and improved features. However, Coupa releases must also be thoroughly tested to ensure that they do not disrupt existing business processes. This is where Opkey comes in. We are the first certified official testing partner for Coupa test automation.  

Is your organization prepared for Coupa's January 2024 R38 Release?  

Since it is beyond the scope of this article to thoroughly analyze all upcoming chnages, we also recommend you download the Advisory document for Coupa R38, January 2024 Release.
Coupa R38, January 2024 Release brings in a few module updates:
1. Procure


  • Requisitions can now be manually or automatically assigned to a specific buyer or group of buyers.  
  • Requisitions can be bulk assigned or unassigned using the new Requisitions table.  
  • Pending Buyer Requisitions can now be managed and can be sent to the assigned buyer instead of to all the users having similar permissions.  


  • Update to CSP has been made so that Suppliers can create one ASN for multiple POs with the same Ship to Address ID, instead of having to load a CSV to create an ASN with PO lines from multiple Purchase Orders.  

Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Forecast Collaboration has been introduced to estimate the future demand and sales for a product or service.  

Opkey offers 500+ pre-built, automated Coupa tests, featuring Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Request to Receive and more.  

2. Supply Chain  
  • The introduction of the Tracking app gives Customer Administrators a way to monitor and support the highly customized App Studio solutions that our customers are creating and running within the Supply Chain platform.    
3. Contract Management  
  • Admins can now create custom line for definitions for use in the contracts.  
  • User Interface has been updated for some of the CLM pages.  
  • Customers can now make contract approvals through Coupa Mobile App  
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Opkey for Coupa Testing

Opkey specializes in Coupa testing, as is Coupa’s only official testing partner. The platform offers more than 500 pre-built tests across Coupa modules, including Request to Receive, P2P, and others. This allows for quick and easy onboarding. Opkey’s No-Code interface makes test creation simple, even for users with no technical knowledge. Impact Analysis reports pinpoint what is changing with each update, so that you can prioritize testing for your most at-risk processes. This, combined with self-healing script technology, decreases test maintenance efforts by up to 80%.  

Opkey is the ideal testing platform for testing Coupa releases and business-as-usual testing. It ensures smooth transitions, powerful functionality, and optimal coverage for your environment.  

Test Automation with Opkey
Opkey ensures a smooth and optimized Coupa testing experience.

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