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Comparison between CA’s ARD tool vs. Opkey’s Model Based Testing Approach

Comparison between CA’s ARD tool vs. Opkey’s Model Based Testing Approach

May 10, 2019
Iffat Ara Khanam

An Overview:

Model-based testing (MBT) has emerged recently as a popular approach of software testing for optimizing and transforming application testing. This approach offers various benefits over the conventional approaches of software testing. By applying MBT approach of application testing, test coverage can be improved, time can be reduced significantly with less effort, and quality of the application can also be improved.

Model based testing of an application can be performed by using an MBT Tool like ARD of CA & OpKey. Let us compare the features of both tools, ARD of CA and OpKey.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopMBT Blog1.jpg

ARD is a specific tool of performing MBT Testing only whereas MBT Testing is an advanced feature of OpKey. In fact, OpKey is a complete test automation tool which provides one stop solution for cloud based test automation.

Key points about OpKey MBT:

  • Here, in OpKey you can easily create model framework of a complex application which works as a  graphical view of test design.
  • Model based test design contains nodes of different shapes which works as building blocks of the MBT.
  • User can easily drag and drop required nodes and connect their edges and vertices as per the test scenario. User can rearrange the added nodes and their connections.
  • User can create Function Library files and map them with corresponding blocks and their edges respectively.
  • There may be multiple ways of connecting blocks, starting from Start Process & ending to Stop Process. You should ensure that every block is connected from its vertices through edges.
  • Once MBT models have been created and mapped with FLs successfully, you need to compile the MBT graph.
  • MBT Utility can be downloaded from the Download Center and it should be running on the machine.
  • User can derive Test Cases from MBT models in different ways. Test Cases can be generated for the edge/vertex or all coverage. The Test Cases generated in this way, denote the possible test scenarios.
  • Once, Test Cases are created, user can view, analyze & execute them.

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