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Collaborate and Innovate with Industry's First Test Automation Marketplace for ERP Testing

Collaborate and Innovate with Industry's First Test Automation Marketplace for ERP Testing

April 9, 2021
Iffat Ara Khanam

OpKey, a globally recognized test automation platform has rolled out its latest version (5.63.00) to help global enterprises to streamline their testing. This latest version comes with new features and customer enhancements to help QA teams to test smarter and faster.

You’ve seen OpKey's AI-powered test automation technology. But that's just one of the many exciting new features OpKey is releasing this March. Join us for a tour of all of the latest features you should know about, Marketplace /Workflow addon, etc. OpKey Web new release 5.63.00  includes updates that will help your team test smarter and faster, unify efforts across tools, and assess organization-wide more easily. With this release, OpKey has come up with a one of its kind feature, a new portal called  Marketplace, which will be integrated with OpKey, where developers will be able to utilize the addons through the Marketplace at OpKey portal.

The Marketplace portal will comprise various addons which will be uploaded by OpKey users and developers. These addons will be beneficial for users who can subscribe to the addon and successfully use its features as per their requirements. If in the future, the user doesn’t want to use that addon, then they can unsubscribe to it. The portal comprises of various category of addons which is categorized as Top Rated, Top Liked, there are free and paid add-ons also.

Workflow Addon - A workflow add-on is a set of States and Transitions, that depicts a file or an artifact’s state in the Workflow. The workflow represents the lifecycle of a process within an organization. The Workflow can be associated in a different manner for individual projects.

The User can either add  By-Default States (Draft, Review, Approved, and Published)  or the Customized States which they wish to add. According to the defined States, a user can create Transitions, which will allow moving the Workflow from one state to another.

Currently, the Marketplace has Default workflows, however, the user can create a customized workflow according to the requirements of their Project and Modules. The user can edit the Customized Workflows which they will create basis their requirements. The Default workflow does not allow the user to edit the rules and their properties.

The Workflow can be associated in a different manner for individual projects. Additionally, we can define separate workflows for specific modules, within the same project.


  • The Default Workflows present in the Marketplace are not editable.
  • The Customized Workflows allow the user to modify the rules and their properties after the creation, according to their requirements that can be edited.
  • The admin users possess the rights to edit the Customized Workflows., which the non-admin users do not possess. A non-admin user can only view them.
  • A user has the right to modify and set the rules of Customized workflows based on pre-conditions. The rules are defined to instruct the properties of Workflow which will instruct them to move from one State to another.

Opkey Marketplace helps you find the add-on and associated services you need to innovate all in one place, simplifying all your business needs. You can discover automated testing solutions and offerings as per your requirements and select payment options and contract terms that fit your needs.

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