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Be Ready for SAP ECC to S/4HANA Migration with Opkey’s Smart Testing

Be Ready for SAP ECC to S/4HANA Migration with OpKey’s Smart Testing

September 21, 2021
Sohaib Zaidi

With mainstream support for SAP Enterprise Core Components (ECC) is ending by 2027. Enterprises that are currently using ECC or SAP ERP need to start considering the move to S/4HANA. Easier said than done!

In this blog, we’ll discuss what challenges enterprises face in migrating to S/4HANA. We’ll also discuss how Opkey's intuitive no-code testing platform can speed up and secure the migration process, allowing for ease of mind across leadership teams.

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Why enterprises are hesitating to migrate to S/4HANA?

Complexity – Enterprises that have been using ECC for a long time have extensively customized their system. Converting those systems to S/4HANA is going to be  challenging. To make migration to be least disruptive for the business, it is recommended that existing application configurations, transactional and master data in the source system should be analysed and documented properly. However, 80% of the companies still depend on manual process documentation around existing processes before migration which is risky, time-consuming and can cost you reputation in case of disruption.

Change Management – S/4HANA is entirely different from the previous ECC product. There are chances that your existing customizations and integrations might break during migration. So, IT managers need to understand how migration to S/4HANA can impact existing customizations, integrations, & key workflows.

Data Management – S/4HANA is not a mere ERP upgrade but an application wide functional and business upgrade. In S/4HANA table structures have been revamped. For instant, S/4HANA combines data structures of different components such as FI, AA, CO, CO-PA and ML into a single line item table called the Universal Journal, making data migration a challenging task. In order to meet the changed functions in SAP S/4HANA, enterprises need to prepare their transactional data changes. It will also help in minimizing migration errors.

OpKey’s solutions to address SAP S/4HANA migration challenges

OpKey is industry’s leading Continuous Test Automation platform for SAP S/4HANA that leverages AI-powered process discovery, real-time impact analysis, & autonomous self-healing ability to accelerate ECC to S/4HANA migration with business continuity assurance.

AI-powered Process Discovery

OpKey’s AI-powered automated discovery solution mines ECC transactional logs, business processes & data, enabling business users to quickly capture, document, modify, and prioritize end-to-end business processes with a click of the button. What might take days and weeks can be done within a few hours with OpKey. With this, business users can easily identify the most common and critical processes.

Speed & Coverage

Manually creating and evaluating 1000s of test cases for every business scenario can be a challenging as well as time consuming for QA teams. However, customers can take the advantage of speed and coverage by using OpKey in their current instance (ECC). When they’re ready to migrate, automated test cases needed to validate the migration (S/4HANA) will already be available.

Real-time Impact Analysis

With impact analysis, QA teams can understand the impacts of changes and updates on their existing business processes, configurations, and critical integrations in real-time. Comparative analysis of the old and updated instance help business users to understand how updates/ upgrades/changes have impacted business processes and end-user experience.

Risk-based Testing

Testing everything post update is not a viable solution for a complex application like S/4HANA. OpKey’s risk-based testing approach ensure that all the impacted areas get covered while reducing average testing scope by 85% for every release.

Self-Configuration Engine

OpKey’s Self-Configuring engine generates multiple relevant data combinations across different configured set-ups and across different modules, enabling business users to check and validate the data fields. Furthermore, OpKey recommends data field out-of-the-box that needs to be mapped while you integrate S/4HANA with third-party systems.

Autonomous Self-healing Capabilities

Autonomous self-healing capabilities of OpKey automatically update the test scripts as per the change impact assessment, empowering enterprises with update adoption readiness. By removing the pain of automation scripts maintenance, OpKey helps project teams by making overall testing process more efficient, swift & productive.

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