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Test Automation Starter Pack

You know test automation could provide benefits to your company, but you're not sure of the details. We've put together a collection of illuminating content to lay out the need-to-know facts of automation for your environment.

Key considerations before you begin your journey

2024 State of ERP Testing Report
We surveyed 437 business and IT leaders, as well as conducting third-party industry research, to bring you the core growth drivers and future directions in ERP testing.
How to Justify Test Automation Spend to Your Boss
We have outlined the most important decision criterion for investments in testing tools. Get the info you need.
Key Features To Look For In Your Automated Testing Tool
Modern enterprises across every industry are making the change to automated testing. Learn what you should be looking for in a tool.

Succeeding with test automation

The Complete Guide to No-Code Test Automation
Read for a comprehensive overview of No-Code test automation and how Opkey can help streamline software testing.
AI & Test Automation: A Beginner's Guide
Don't know where to begin with AI & test automation? We have you covered with this entry-level guide.
How to Save Money with Test Automation
We all know that time is money. When it comes to testing, automation can save you a lot of both.

Tool selection

How to Compare Test Automation Tools
Finding the right automation tool can be a daunting task with so many available options, let us show you what you really need to know.
Opkey vs. Selenium
Explore the pros and cons of using Selenium & Opkey for Oracle Cloud ERP test automation.
Manual vs. Automated Testing: The Top Considerations
We'll highlight the primary limitations of manual testing, and explain how test automation can enable you to stay ahead of the game.
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