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Opkey’s Test Automation Starter Pack

Every business is undergoing digital transformation, and manual testing is the biggest bottleneck of these massive projects. Test automation solves this. But many barriers remain to efficient test automation, the most pressing often being where to begin.

Opkey’s test automation starter pack contains everything you need to get started with your test automation journey.

Key considerations before you begin your journey

Manual vs automated testing: the top considerations
We'll highlight the primary limitations of manual testing, and explain how test automation can enable you to stay ahead of the game.
AI & Test Automation: A beginner's guide
Don't know where to begin with AI & test automation? We have you covered with this entry-level guide.
Global Cloud ERP software market research report
Download this report to access in-depth insights on testing various Global Cloud ERP systems.
Future of ERP is modular: it's time testing evolves to keep pace
Join Opkey & Forrester as they discuss critical success factors of modern-day testing and how to keep pace with today's modular ERPs.

Tool selection

Automating Oracle Testing: All You Need to Know
Understand the underlying challenges of automating Oracle and what you should look for in an automation solution.
How to Compare Test Automation Tools
Finding the right automation tool can be a daunting task with so many available options, let us show you what you really need to know.
Opkey vs Selenium
Explore the pros and cons of using Selenium & Opkey for Oracle Cloud ERP test automation.

Succeeding with automation

Continuous Testing for ERP Transformation
Effective continuous testing for ERPs can't be achieved without test automation. Download this whitepaper to learn more.
How to Measure the Business Value of Test Automation
Read this whitepaper to explore how you should measure the value of test automation to generate support from key budget holders.
No-Code Test Automation: Addressing Challenges in ERP Testing
No-code test automation bridges the skill gap in software testing, and enables your organization to deliver better software, faster.
Path Infotech drives $800K in new revenue with Opkey's managed service offering
Learn how a leading cross-platform Integration service provider sweetens their managed service offering and wins more deals.

The future of test automation

Modernize Your Core Applications with Continuous, Automated Testing
In this report featuring Forrester research, learn how continuous testing is the key to modernizing your ERPs.
Opkey's test automation playbook
Utilize this test automation playbook to quickly uncover your current test coverage, and deploy our strategy to get you to 90%+ in days.
QA takes center stage In business transformations
IDC analysts explored how smart testing tools, like Opkey, are powering the new age of digital-first business transformation.
Why test automation is critical to DevOps
In this whitepaper, we'll highlight how continuous testing platforms like Opkey enables enterprises to implement DevOps
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