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Opkey’s Test Automation

This kit features everything from preliminary considerations in connection with test automation strategy and finding the right tool. Our exclusive content will guide you throughout your automation journey and taking test automation to the next level while ensuring adequate risk coverage, effortless test maintenance, and test script creation.

What's Inside:

  • The 2024 State of ERP Testing: What it Means
  • Busting the 10 Biggest Myths in Test Automation
  • How to Justify Test Automation Spend to Your Boss
  • Key Features To Look For In Your Automated Testing Tool
  • The Complete Guide to No-Code Test Automation with Opkey
  • AI & Test Automation: A Beginner's Guide
  • How to Save Money with Test Automation
  • How Your Business Can Start Test Automation From Scratch
  • How to Compare Test Automation Tools
  • Opkey vs. Selenium
  • A Guide to Different Types of Software Testing
  • Manual vs. Automated Testing - Top Considerations

Download the guide here
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