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Opkey is making a differentiating change into the digital transformation drive helping customers achieve shorter release cycles and business assurance with seamless test maintenance.
Its Pre-built Test Assets, Real-time Impact Analysis and Self-healing capabilities speed up your testing by 10x and reduce risk by 90% or more.

App Owner

Stop waiting weeks to certify test results. Opkey runs test cases automatically based on your schedule and can reduce your test cycles by 95%. Our certifications can get you to 99% coverage, avoiding downtime and complaints from business users.

Business Sponsor

Get time back from your business users. Opkey's no code experience lets you automate test cases into scripts without coding. Get up and running in minutes and free your business users from doing manual tests and experiencing downtime risk from updates.

QA Engineers

Turn test cases into automated test scripts without coding. Our automation engine is designed for packaged applications and can execute scripts with 95% less errors.It can also perform faster than Selenium or other automation solutions.


Automate your application testing enterprise-wide and across application ecosystems from a single dashboard. Opkey offers the largest catalog of application support and provides the highest ROI of risk reduction, faster testing cycles and cost.

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