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Learn Automation Testing with Opkey University and Accelerate your Testing Career

Courses for every skill set

We understand that learning automation testing and choosing the right automation tool is a key part of the QA transformation journey, the real change must come from your users.

That’s why our certification programs are tailored to people of all different skill sets - from Business Users with no coding knowledge to Automation Architects with 20 years of experience.

Accelerate your testing career with a certification from Opkey University

Opkey University offers 20+ self-guided beginner through advanced level test automation courses across 14+ ERPs.

Learn automation testing designed by test automation experts, these automation testing courses will help students gain comprehensive knowledge about how to use Opkey, along with key learnings & insights related to test automation.

Through Opkey’s in-depth courses and role-based learning paths, you’ll find everything your team needs to accelerate their test automation journey. Learn erp testing today and upskill yourself!

Opkey Training Program

We understand that choosing the right automation tool is one part of the QA transformation journey; your real strength comes from your users. Unless we empower all users to participate in test automation, a meaningful QA transformation can’t be achieved. That’s why our certification programs are tailored for different personas and skill sets - from Business Users to Automation Architects.

Intended audience:

It is intended for software testers, developers, or business users seeking to develop knowledge and skill in implementing testing techniques and tools in their projects.


No previous knowledge of Opkey or test automation is required. Manual testing knowledge is recommended.

What you will get:

Introduction to the technology platforms, create basic tests in Opkey complying to industry standard best practices.


Opkey Certified Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified Oracle Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified Salesforce Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified Workday Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified MS Dynamics Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified Veeva Vault Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified People Soft Automation Engineer
Opkey Certified pCloudy Automation Engineer

Intended Audience:

Automaton Master is for those who would create and manage centralized repository of automation components.


Prior completion of Opkey 101 is required for this course.

What you will get:

User can choose one or more of the following expert level courses:
a) Web Testing with Opkey
b) Mobile Testing with Opkey
c) Web Service Testing with Opkey
d) Testing legacy applications with Opkey


Opkey Certified Automation Master
Opkey Certified Oracle Automation Master
Opkey Certified Salesforce Automation Master
Opkey Certified Workday Automation Master
Opkey Certified MS Dynamics Automation Master
Opkey Certified Veeva Vault Automation Master
Opkey Certified People Soft Automation Master
Opkey Certified pCloudy Automation Master

Intended audience:

Specialist courses are designed for participants who would be working on ERP applications like Oracle EBS and Salesforce etc. This course is also ideal for business users and functional experts looking to participate in test automation.


Prior Completion of Opkey 101 and 201 is required for this course.

What you will get:

You can choose one or more of the following specialist courses
a) Oracle EBS with Opkey
b) Oracle cloud applications with Opkey
c) PeopleSoft with Opkey
d) MS Dynamics with Opkey


Opkey Certified Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified Oracle Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified Salesforce Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified Workday Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified MS Dynamics Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified Veeva Vault Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified People Soft Automation Specialist
Opkey Certified pCloudy Automation Specialist


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn automation testing?
You can learn basic automation in a couple of days with Opkey. But for complete Opkey features and test automation framework knowledge. It will take you about 3-4 weeks of consistent study and practice.
How do I learn automation testing with Opkey?
Here we will discuss how one can move forward in the field of IT through the best automation testing course. Opkey is the most advanced test automation tool in the industry. It helps manual testers to turn into automation specialists. To learn about this trending automation tool, individuals should go for an Opkey certification course to enrich themselves with the appropriate resources. To learn ERP testing with Opkey, it’s not necessary to have programming knowledge. Of course, having a software background and some testing knowledge will prove to be a boon in the way of becoming an Opkey specialist.
How to learn automation testing without programming language?
Opkey is a no-code testing tool which allows users to start automation testing day-1 with its record and playback engine. No prerequisites to learn or work with any programming language.
What should I learn for an automation testing course?
An automation testing course must provide:
  • Mastery of any automation testing tools (codeless ones too)
  • Experience in manual testing.
  • Familiarity with Agile & DevOps methodologies.
  • Excellent reporting, time management, analytical & communication capabilities.
Which automation testing tool is easy to learn?
No-code automation testing tools are easy to learn. No prerequisites to learn any programming language before using these tools. The tool provides a record and playback engine that records the users’ activity on the screen. And then generates automated test cases that can be executed directly.
Is scriptless automation testing easy to learn?
Scriptless” means “no scripting and programming”. To learn automation testing scriptless test automation frameworks are the most flexible framework with minimal exposure to code. Scriptless testing is an approach to conduct testing without scripting or coding in any programming language. It reduces the time required for creating automated tests by considerably minimizing the amount of scripting needed.
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