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SAP Test Automation for Accelerating Digital Transformation

November 25, 2020
Iffat Ara Khanam

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Digital transformation is near the top of the business leaders' agenda today. Future SAP technologies are the catalyst that accelerates digital transformation initiatives. The next generation of SAP solutions, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori, offer even more promising capabilities like migration, end-to-end integrations, and business intelligence. Adequate testing is required to accelerate these SAP projects and deliver innovation faster. 

For SAP applications, testing represents an as-of-yet untapped reservoir of the desired improvements. This blog explores how business leaders can eliminate traditional testing roadblocks to achieve true digital transformation by adopting a continuous test automation tool that accelerates innovation and avoids the cost, effort, and complexity of traditional SAP testing.

New Testing Frameworks needs to Overcomes Conventional Testing Approach

The fact that many businesses remain stuck with old, out-of-date manual testing processes only compounds the problem. Even after testing is completed, test leads, and managers from each functional area still hold their breath with each release. They face challenges like:

  • Keep updating the same test scripts kills most time and effort
  • The speed of different SAP components evolving to that of testing updates is not in sync
  • SAP ecosystem introducing different applications SAP ECC, S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, and SAP Hybris and different business processes that connect these different versions

By increasing the focus on automated testing with the ability to understand and focus test efforts mainly on business risks, organizations can pace modern application delivery.

Digital Transformation is Metamorphosing 

An adequate testing tool is our need that ties together all of the trends that will ultimately shape the face of testing in the digital era. OpKey Surge’s continuous testing platform enables enterprises to automate testing for multiple generations of SAP technologies, other ERP platforms, user interfaces, and technologies that help you keep pace with enterprise end-to-end testing. Its pre-built accelerator with self-creating and self-healing test cases relieves the “maintenance burden” and accelerates automated testing by 3X-5X. OpKey’s record and playback engine easily handle complex Ul, offering the competitive advantage and remarkably, shortening the time -to-money spans. Its change management feature performs end-to-end change analysis, risk prioritization, and test visibility in real-time. Business users can get on-the-fly scoring with OpKey's real-time change impact analysis reducing their testing scope by 70% with the “Right Tests” approach.

Efficient and Sufficient Testing with Risk-Based Approach and Correlation

OpKey replaces your "Test Everything" approach with a “Risk-Based” approach and focuses on your most-at-risks objects. Its AI-powered engine makes maintenance a breeze with its Self-Heal technology.Its risk-based testing aligns with your business priorities so your teams can quickly reach optimal risk coverage with focused test automation. The tool analyses transport for different analytics, performs self-healing, generates regression packs and shares easy to read reports ensuring business processes continue to run as intended. 

End-to-End Test Automation for SAP and Beyond

OpKey automates the testing of business processes that may include mobile UIs, web services, ESBs, APIs, mainframes, other packaged apps. A single test platform that can be used across multiple technologies and packaged apps dramatically reducing the learning curve and time required for complete test automation. Supports over 50 + business integrations with SAP legacy systems/custom dev apps.

Reusable Zero-Maintenance Tests 

Using OpKey Surge's test builder, readable scriptless test cases are created in real-time. It allows recording interactions with SAP user interfaces and creates maintenance-free, business-reusable test cases with 100+ SAP specific keywords to handle SAP controls. When business processes change, all impacted test cases are automatically synchronized freeing you from all maintenance load and speeds up the whole testing process.

Having Visibility of Change

OpKey Surge takes an analysis of change and prioritization hand in hand. OpKey’s change assessment with predictive algorithms helps business leaders to analyse what will break and why, what to fix, and what to test, after any update or configuration change. The tool analyses transport for different analytics, performs self-healing, generates regression packs, and shares easy to read reports ensuring business processes continue to run as intended.

OpKey AI-based engine enables enterprises to accelerate innovation, ensure continuous quality and delivery, and lower risk across the most complex SAP landscapes, massively reducing the time and effort needed for SAP automated testing. OpKey, with its special features like Change Impact Analysis, and End to End Change Management simplifies and accelerates testing for SAP applications achieving upto 80% risk coverage for critical business processes.

You can discover much more about how OpKey with its predictive testing platform transforms SAP automated testing to achieve digital transformation initiatives in our whitepaper “SAP Test Automation for Accelerating Digital Transformation”. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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