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Oracle Warehouse Management Testing: The Comprehensive Guide

Oracle Warehouse Management Testing: The Comprehensive Guide

May 29, 2024
Sohaib Zaidi

Today’s enterprises face a multitude of challenges in efficiently managing warehouses and distribution centers. Customers expect faster and more efficient deliveries than ever before, while competition from other providers intensifies. Meanwhile, supply chain logistics are more complex, globalized, and interconnected than ever before. These systems cannot work without the data involved being tracked and analyzed in the best possible way (example: vital information like inventory supply must be accurate.) This is where warehouse management systems come in. 

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud is among one of the most globally recognized of these solutions, and gained a competitive position in the global marketplace. 

In this blog, we’ll cover Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud in a comprehensive way. We’ll also highlight why testing is critical to optimize the performance of your warehouse management system (WMS) and maximize your ROI. We'll also spotlight how Opkey can help you with Oracle WMS update testing.

What is Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud?

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) system is designed to automate warehouse operations. This enables companies to maximize labor and space utilization and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Oracle Warehouse Management supports distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service businesses with best business practices enablement. 

Oracle Warehouse Management

Oracle Warehouse Management system can be used with Oracle Transportation Management and/or Oracle Global Trade Management as a stand-alone solution to streamline supply chain fulfillment operations. Customers can integrate Oracle’s Warehouse Management System with Oracle Inventory Management Command Center for inventory control, inventory accuracy, and actionable insights. Customers can streamline daily activities and quickly address exceptions, all without custom operational reporting with inventory management.

Oracle Warehouse Management Reduce Fulfillment Costs

Why is Testing Critical for the Oracle Fusion Cloud Warehouse Management System? 

One of the benefits of a Cloud-based WMS solution is that it receives new features and enhancements on a constant basis. Oracle Fusion Cloud Warehouse Management system follows the same process and releases patches for new functionalities and bug fixes. Oracle rolls out quarterly releases that contain new features and functionalities. Quarterly updates also include resolutions for issues that have occurred since the last update.

Since Oracle Warehouse Management System (Fusion) has been configured for your unique business requirements, there’s a possibility that updates can negatively impact your custom configurations. Oracle WMS testing validates that quarterly updates haven’t impacted your current configurations. Simply put, testing makes sure that the quarterly update didn’t cause any unexpected behavior in your unique configuration.

Areas to Include in Your Oracle Warehouse Management System Test Plan

  • Integration tests confirming APIs (such as XML, REST).
  • Third party external systems (such as rating, distance and service time engines).
  • Key business process flows for various roles in your organization.
  • Critical custom reports.
  • UI tests covering users’ day-to-day activities and screens that trigger agent actions.
  • Custom workflows including saved queries and direct SQL updates.
  • Automatically available UI.
  • New enhancements that will apply to you.
Oracle Warehouse Management System Test Plan

Challenges in Testing Fusion Oracle Warehouse Management System

  • Oracle rolls out quarterly updates. Each update requires at least 2 rounds of testing - one in non-production and another in production environment. It means you need 8X testing in a year which is non-viable if performed manually. 
  • Finding the right set of regression suites that delivers adequate risk coverage is a challenging task since testers select regression tests based on their personal experience and understanding. This often exposes your business to unnecessary risks.
  • Incorporating test automation can be of limited help if automation scripts break and require manual maintenance effort. 

Navigating Oracle Warehouse Management (Fusion) Testing Challenges with Opkey

Opkey is the industry's leading Oracle WMS testing automation platform. Opkey is an official Oracle partner and the top-rated app in the Oracle Cloud marketplace. Oracle Fusion customers are saving major time and money by automating testing processes.

Test Guidance from Opkey

Before each update is applied to customers’ environments, Opkey runs a comprehensive series of automated tests to validate the features being released against your environment.

These tests validate:

  • The health of the builds in a simulated existing customer environment.
  • Successful execution of tests in a simulated new customer environment.
  • End-to-end business process flows.
  • Primary use-case scenarios.
  • Alternate use-case scenarios.
  • Oracle Cloud’s security tests.
  • Reports and integration tests.
  • Additional scenarios derived from design specifications.

This is just a taste of the comprehensive coverage provided by Opkey’s test automation platform. 

Test Automation with Opkey
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Although both are Cloud-based warehouse management systems offered by Oracle, they serve different purposes and have distinct functionalities.

Oracle WMS Cloud is a comprehensive warehouse management solution designed primarily for third-party logistics (3PL) providers and large distribution centers. Oracle WMS Cloud supports complex warehouse operations - multi-client support, cross-docking, wave planning, labor management, and slotting optimization. As a highly configurable and scalable solution, Oracle WMS Cloud is perfect for organizations with diverse warehouse operations and high transaction volumes.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Warehouse Management offers a suite of enterprise apps for finance, supply chain management, human capital management, and more. Designed to automate warehouse operations of organizations across different industries, including manufacturing, retail, and distribution, Oracle Fusion Cloud Warehouse Management provides core warehouse management functionalities, such as receiving, putaway, picking, packing, and shipping, as well as inventory management and real-time visibility into warehouse operations.

Oracle Fusion Inventory Management is a component of the Oracle Fusion Cloud suite of applications designed to help organizations efficiently manage their inventory across the supply chain. It provides comprehensive inventory management functionalities to optimize inventory levels, streamline inventory processes, and delivers real-time visibility into inventory-related activities.

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