How Continuous Testing Ensures a Seamless Oracle Cloud Migration

July 16, 2021
Sohaib Zaidi

There are numerous benefits that come from migrating from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud, such as a lower cost of ownership, increased scalability and flexibility, and continuous innovation.

However, for business users, these benefits don't matter if business process continuity is threatened. If done incorrectly, Oracle Cloud migrations can cause application downtime, as well as a slew of other headaches. To ensure that your applications remain stable, functional, and secure in your new Oracle Cloud environment, you need a robust testing strategy. Proper testing ensures that data flows stay constant, backend processes continue to work as intended, and compliance and security requirements remain in place.

Said another way, proper testing helps guarantee that your migration to the cloud will run smoothly.

In this article, we’ll address key concerns of managers and business owners who are looking for a seamless and risk-free Oracle Cloud migration. We will also discuss how a risk-based Oracle Cloud migration strategy can negate critical business risks during the migration process.

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Key points to Consider while designing an Oracle Cloud migration testing strategy

Existing Integrations - Most enterprises have integrated their EBS with productivity tools such as Google Docs, payroll services, 3Pl, or Microsoft Office 365. Managers must plan accordingly, and ensure their test scripts cover each and every one of these integrations.

Existing Customizations - Practically all EBS customers have custom workflows. However, Oracle Cloud offers very limited customizations. Because of this, enterprises must adapt their business flows to ones suitable for Oracle Cloud.

Workflows and Approvals - In EBS, workflows can be customized. However, in Oracle Cloud, these workflows are configured using the Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) cloud service. From data validation and verification to regulatory compliance and security role validation, everything needs to be verified to ensure these workflows transition correctly to the Cloud. This can only be achieved with security testing.

Test Data Management – Enterprises often face a shortage of actual business information to execute successful testing. In the case of most Oracle EBS and Cloud Apps, this actual business info contains sensitive information. As such, enterprises must create a process flow by which testers can access this sensitive information without compromising business security.

With these key points in mind, your Oracle cloud migration testing strategy should be woven around

Configuration Testing – One of the key focus areas of testing should be around configurations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ledger configuration
  • Sub-ledger accounting rules
  • Tax geographies
  • Organization geographies

Ideally, these configuration tests should be easy to create, copy, and maintain.

Business Process Testing – Critical business processes and workflows need to be validated as enterprises move from EBS to the Cloud. Opkey can ensure that all business processes—even ones you’re not aware of—are tested.

End-to-End Testing – Practically all EBS customers have different applications and technologies that integrate with their EBS environment. It’s vital that each and every one of these integrations is tested as they move from EBS to the Cloud, to ensure there are no complications upon release.

Security Testing – While Oracle Cloud has robust security standards, enterprises that migrate from EBS must implement additional controls around security as they transition. Data security policies and secure configurations must be tested & validated before the transition to the Cloud occurs, so that no sensitive information is available to people who shouldn’t have it.

Oracle Cloud Testing

Problem with conventional testing approaches

Traditional testing methodologies involve testing at the end of each development activity, and this is problematic because you’ll only discover bugs at the late stages of your testing. When critical bugs are discovered late in the the testing process, enterprises must duplicate their testing efforts—wasting precious time & resources. To successfully transform your enterprise, you need to transform your testing strategy.

Opkey Oracle cloud migration

Introduce Continuous Testing into your development

Continuous testing means testing early and constantly. Unit tests are executed continuously to check the validity of configurations, and feedback is provided continuously to the Dev team—enabling them to solve issues before they rear their ugly heads. Ultimately, continuous testing enables managers to make sound decisions that  optimize the value of the Oracle Cloud migrations.

Continuous testing offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Early identification of defects
  • Improved accuracy in identifying defects
  • Quicker time to market

While it’s easy to see the value of continuous testing, managers need to understand that it cannot be implemented without test automation. With the right test automation tool, you can have tests running in parallel with development—ensuring a seamless transition to Oracle Cloud. Of course, this will save you time and money along the way.

The test automation solution for Oracle Cloud Migration must include

Zero Code – Zero code test automation platforms save you countless hours of time when it comes to test creation and maintenance. Additionally, a Zero code platform will enable business users to manage tests—largely eliminating the need for technical resources.

Powered by AI – Since AI-based testing tools can understand the intended use of an application, they can aid in creating test cases that deliver stable results. Put another way, AI-powered testing can help you find gaps in your testing processes, ensuring 100% coverage.

Ease of maintenance & Reusability – Creating test scripts is costly. By utilizing a test automation tool that automatically heals test scripts and allows you to reuse them, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, as one of our recent customer did.

Stay ahead of the curve with Opkey

Opkey is a Continuous Oracle Cloud Testing Platform that enables Oracle Customers to make a seamless transition from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud.  As a globally recognized zero code platform, Opkey dramatically reduces testing time and efforts while guaranteeing 100% test coverage to eliminate migration risk.

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