State of ERP Testing Report

Opkey's State of ERP Testing Report

Opkey's Latest State of ERP Testing Report 2023
The ERP software market has been one of the most robust sectors of the tech industry over the last decade–growing 11% annually–and is set to top $123B by 2030. With so much growth and change occuring in the ERP space, we surveyed more than 300 business and IT leaders to create a first-of-its-kind report on the State of ERP Testing.

In this report, we highlight the major trends impacting the world of packaged applications, and describe how these trends are affecting testing teams. 

We find that testing these ERPs is more complicated and cumbersome than ever before, and organizations are largely unsatisfied with their current testing programs. 

We outline why organizations are honing in on five key elements of testing: risk-based testing, shift-left testing, continuous testing, end-to-end testing, and test documentation–and explain how automated testing is critical to achieving these five key testing pillars.

If you spend any time using or testing packaged applications, then we’re willing to bet you’ll learn a thing or two from this report. 
Read our CEO Pankaj Goel's thoughts on what the report means in his blog post.
The State of ERP Testing 2022: What it means
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