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Opkey publishes first-of-its-kind State of ERP Testing Report

DUBLIN, CA, USA, October 11, 2022 |

DUBLIN, CA, USA, October 11, 2022 | - Opkey, an industry-leader in packaged application testing, released their inaugural State of ERP Testing 2022 report. The report is based on 3rd-party industry data and a survey conducted of over 300 Fortune 2000 C-Suite executives and VPs across a variety of industries and geographies.

The report finds that the broad move to cloud-based ERPs, along with the rise of composable ERPs, have made testing more complicated and difficult than ever before. While the majority of organizations are responding to these challenges by outsourcing testing to service providers and System Integrators, Opkey found that most organizations are dissatisfied with their current testing programs. Specifically, less than 10% are “extremely satisfied” with their level of test coverage. As a result, companies are now employing risk-based, continuous, and shift-left testing strategies, in addition to a greater focus on end-to-end testing and test documentation.

“We’re really excited to release this report to the public,” Pankaj Goel, Opkey’s CEO and Founder said. “It solidifies our belief that intelligent test automation platforms, like Opkey’s, are critical to solving the ERP testing challenges that actual business leaders are facing today.”


Opkey surveyed over 300 C-Suite executives and VPs to learn about their ERP testing programs. Conducted from May-August 2022, the survey included companies ranging in size from 1,500 employees to over 1 million employees. The goal was to better understand the challenges these organizations face with regards to their ERP testing.

You can download the first-of-its-kind report here.

About Opkey

Opkey is redefining test automation for web, mobile and ERP applications. Opkey’s no-code platform instantly generates the test cases you need and transforms them into automated test cases in one click, enabling both business users and IT to automate and scale testing efforts. With 30,000+ pre-built test cases across 14+ ERPs and 150+ technologies, and notable mentions by industry Analysts like IDC, Gartner and Forrester, Opkey is redefining the future of Test Automation. Opkey has more than 250 enterprise clients, and is headquartered in Dublin, California, with offices in NYC, Pittsburgh, and India.

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