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Opkey Named as Valuable Vendor in Gartner’s Accelerate Windows and Third-Party Application Patching Report

DUBLIN, CA, USA, March 21, 2023 |

DUBLIN, CA, USA, March 21, 2023 | - Opkey is proud to announce its inclusion in Gartner’s 2023 Accelerate Windows and Third-Party Application Patching Report. In the report, Gartner analysts explore modern approaches to patching Windows and other third-party applications, as well as evaluating leading players in the field. The report concluded that in the interest of security, modern organizations must transition from cumbersome and outdated patching methods to more advanced solutions, including Opkey’s.

Gartner classified Opkey as a leading Automated Desktop Testing Platform after a thorough evaluation of the market. Opkey is an industry leader in risk-based application testing. Features like impact analysis inform enterprises when processes in their application environment are at risk of breaking, optimizing security and protecting operations. Opkey also provides security roles validation testing to some of the largest enterprises in the world. Gartner recognizes that organizations can “eliminate unnecessary work and accelerate updates by adopting risk-based application testing” tools like Opkey.

The report estimates that “by 2025, more than 90% of organizations will use third-party patching tools to accelerate their patching operations, which is a significant increase from fewer than 50% in 2023.” Gartner explains that patching is a hot topic among clients seeking to close unprotected gaps within their application systems and accelerate patching without placing undue burden on IT departments or increasing costs. Opkey’s no-code technology allows any employee to easily test, find, and fix issues that could impact operational security.

“It’s a privilege to be recognized for our work in pioneering new patching and automated testing solutions. Well-executed patching is integral to ensure the security of application processes in a rapidly evolving landscape. I am proud of our team for innovating excellence in this field,” said Pankaj Goel, Opkey’s CEO.

You can download the report by clicking on this link.

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