Remove the Need for Hypercare Through Continuous Testing of SAP Applications

In this whitepaper learn how OpKey's new AI-based Impact Analysis relieves the pain of Hypercare while reducing your testing scope by 70%.

Despite the accelerated initiatives and hasty adoption of digital solutions due to the situational challenges presented by the pandemic, quality with speed remains the constant factor. It is necessary to get real-time insights and gain multidimensional views into the impact and testing risk involved with SAP applications. OpKey with its continuous test platform provides an adequate testing approach for SAP transformation, along with the right post go-live foundation.

A Look Inside


1. Introduction

2. How do enterprises test their SAP changes currently

3. Not Many Enterprises Add The "Hypercare Phase" Post SAP Update Go-Live...or Do Thet?

4. What can you do to end the need for Hypercare?

5. Opkey Surge - AI Driven Predictive Test Automation Platform

6. Conclusion

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