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Opkey Named G2 High Performer for Fall 2022

DUBLIN, CA, USA, September 29, 2022 | EINPresswire.com - Opkey, the industry leader in test automation for packaged applications, has been named one of G2’s High Performers for Fall 2022.

The G2 Grid® report represents a consolidated voice of real software users, which simplifies the process of selecting the right test automation solution. Sellers, media, and investors also use these ratings and analysts to set a benchmark for product comparison and market trend analysis.93% of reviews gave Opkey 5 stars out of 5.Here’s a quick detail:Opkey is sitting at 9.7 for Ease of Use (compared to 8.6 for industry average), 9.4 for Quality of Support (compared to an 8.7 for industry average) and 9.7 for Ease of Setup (compared to an 8.4 for industry average).Opkey’s CEO and Founder, Pankaj Goel, had this to say: “We continue to see success on platforms like G2, thanks to our teams’ tireless effort and focus on customer support and satisfaction.”

About Opkey

Opkey is redefining test automation for web, mobile and ERP applications. Opkey’s no-code platform instantly generates the test cases you need and transforms them into automated test cases in one click, enabling both business users and IT to automate and scale testing efforts. With 30,000+ pre-build test cases across 14+ ERPs and 150+ technologies, and notable mentions by industry Analysts like IDC, Gartner and Forrester, Opkey is redefining the future of Test Automation.Opkey has more than 250 enterprise clients, and is headquartered in Dublin, California, with offices in NYC, Pittsburgh, India, and Australia.

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