OpKey is Certified Technology Partner for
Sparta System's Trackwise®

Support for Native Salesforce elements

We understand that in a highly regulated industry, a 100% uptime for your Trackwise® QMS is vital to managing your quality processes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

And so we have developed Trackwise® test automation accelerator in partnership with Sparta Systems to take care of arduous testing that’s required with every patch and upgrade release.

With OpKey's test accelerator for Trackwise®, you can create your automated tests 70% faster without worrying about maintaining your test scripts across Trackwise® releases.

100+ prebuilt automation components for User Account, Group Categories, Scope, PR among many others across WebAdmin and TrackWise to speed up your test automation implementation.

Automation components updated to latest release before Trackwise® GA ensuring always working test automation.

Advanced Product qualification Reports to ensure 100% audit compliance for Automated test suite.

Built on top of OpKey- our zero code automation platform for BAs and testers, that automates business process testing .

  • 60% Reduction in testing time every release
  • 80% Dollar savings in an year over manual testing
  • 100% Validated -complying to audit requirements

OpKey has helped Sparta Systems transform our test and regulatory based validation strategy enabling us to bring products to market faster and with higher quality.

Bruce Kratz VP R&D – Sparta Systems

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