Continuous Testing for Salesforce

This white paper discusses the test automation solutions provided by OpKey Surge that gives enterprises the flexibility to integrate continuous testing into their existing Salesforce implementation.

Enterprises focusing on digital transformation have realized that full potential of their investments can’t be unlocked without modernizing their testing solutions. Linking the new technologies like advanced analytics and AI to their Salesforce Testing helps to minimize the risks inherent in releasing new features. Explore how OpKey with its predictive test automation provides the ultimate solution for all your agile and continuous testing needs for Salesforce applications.

A Look Inside


1. Introduction

2. Continuous Testing and Test Automation for Salesforce is more a need than Luxury

3. However Test Automation for Salesforce is Challenging

4. Key Pillars For Implementing Continuous Salesforce Testing Framework

5. OpKey - The Continuous Testing Platform Designed For Salesforce & ERP Applications

6. OpKey - For Salesforce

7. Summary

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