Continuous Testing for ERP Transformation

This paper explores some of the primary challenges for ERP transformation and establishes the fact that effective continuous testing for ERPs canít be achieved without test automation.

Download the paper to learn how leading enterprises are overcoming those challenges by continuous testing powered by intelligent test automation. OpKey Surge, the smart continuous testing platform that automates validation & testing of large-scale ERP projects, is the first-of-its-kind full DevOps solution for continuous ERP implementation and testing.

A Look Inside


1. Introduction

2. The Challenges of ERP Transformation

3. How Agile and Dev-Ops can help

4. Testing - A Major Bottleneck

5. Continuous Testing to the rescue

6. Right Tool to implement continuous Testing

7. Right Methodology to implement continuous Testing

8. OpKey - The right fit tool for continuous ERP Testing

9. Summary

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