Automate Kronos testing in hours

Reduce manual testing efforts by 80% with Opkey
So easy to use that both business and technical users can automate tests without coding
Make changes to your Kronos WFM system faster than ever
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Trusted by hundreds of leading enterprises.

Opkey is built specifically for Kronos

Make changes to your Kronos Workforce Central & Dimensions systems faster than ever
Opkey enables you to execute thousands of Kronos tests in less than an hour.

Ensure that new system releases don't negatively impact your workflows.
Test integrations with other ERP systems with ease
Opkey empowers any employee to create complex cross-app tests with ease.

Certify that your critical integrations won't break with changes to Kronos.
Streamline migrations from Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions
Opkey maps as-is vs. to-be processes to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your migration.

Reduce migration timelines by months, through Kronos automation
Faster application updates.
Annual testing cost savings.
3 months
Reduction migration timeline.

Instantly discover

Opkey's Kronos testing tools plugs into your ERP environment to immediately discovery your historical tests. Opkey also mines your process logs to identify gaps in coverage.

Fill in the gaps: Apply our library of 30,000 pre-built, automated tests to help you achieve 90% test coverage in just hours.

Eliminate the need for prolonged business process documentation sessions & complex Excel spreadsheets.

Easily create

For remaining gaps in coverage, Opkey's no-code Kronos testing tool empowers any employee to create new tests 95% faster than with Selenium or other tools.

Use our drag-and-drop interface to easily build any test.

Use our test recorder to automatically document browser sessions.

Painlessly maintain

Easily sustain your Kronos continuous testing program with the help of self-healing scripts. Reduce your test maintenance efforts by 80%.

Schedule any test to run when and where you want, with Kronos test automation.

Auto-generate reports, collaborate across departments, and raise tickets without leaving the platform.

Easily diagnose failed tests, self-heal broken tests, and escalate defects to the right people.

Covering all your Kronos test automation needs
No-code test authoring
Leverage Opkey's Kronos specific test builder for custom forms & complex controls to reduce test creation efforts by up to 90%. Opkey's Kronos testing tool is so easy to use, that any employee can create and scale test automation.
One click test automation
Execute thousands of tests in just minutes with the click of a button, leveraging Opkey’s AI-powered Kronos automation testing technology.
Automated impact analysis with every release
Opkey tells you which scripts need attention before updates are pushed, allowing you to prioritize your Kronos testing for at-risk configurations.
Empower your developers to catch 30% more defects
Opkey's developer tools let developers visualize every change before pushing them into your test environment.

Seamless end-to-end test automation

With support for over 14 packaged apps and 150 technologies, Opkey empowers you to automate single-app and cross-app tests without coding.

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Key technical features
Test discovery
Opkey's test automation tool mines your process logs to instantly discover the tests you've been running, and identifies gaps in coverage.
One-click test creation
With over 30,000 pre-built test cases, immediately increase your test coverage with one click; no software developer required.
No-code test builder
Our drag-and-drop interface empowers any employee to build complex tests without code.
Testdiscovery Impactanalysis Collaborateand report One-click testcreation Self-healingscripts No-code test builder
Impact analysis
Get proactive alerts on what tests will be impacted before changes are pushed into production.
Self-healing scripts
Opkey's self-healing technology ensures that when your apps change, your tests won't break.
Collaborate & report
Communicate with colleagues on broken tests directly on Opkey's platform, and automatically generate reports.
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