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Workday Test Automation Platform from OpKey

Surge Workday Testing Innovation with
Continuous Test Automation Platform- OpKey Surge

Delivering End to End Workday Automated Tests Across the Globe

OpKey Surge is helping enterprises validate their large-scale operational changes from organizational structures to BP configurations . With Pre-built Workday tests along with features like Risk –Based Test automation, WD Report Validation and Integration Testing OpKey Surge pairs business knowledge, regional requirements with your Workday system reducing the cost and effort upto 90% associated with manual testing


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90%Test Coverage
of WD System

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Pre-Built Business Processes, Configurations and Security Tests

About 1000's of pre-built automated tests for Workday Business Processes

One-Click Solution for Configurations and Security implementation in your Workday system.

350+ test components with customized test coverage for Workday business applications.

Industry's fastest Test Builder specifically designed for Workday

OpKey’s Unique and intuitive test builder for the Workday complex platform.

Customized test cases for complex tables, controls, and changing IDs.

Constant updates in the OpKey test builder ensures that the test cases are in sync with Workday updates, ultimately reducing the stress of maintenance.

Workday Tests Reporting with Detailed Test History

Retrieve every test ever with details of who ran it, when and what was the result

Detailed results that can help you troubleshoot test failures at a glance with screenshots that show you exactly which screen it failed on and the Workday error message it triggered.

Advanced product qualification Reports to ensure 100% audit compliance for Automated test suite

Detailed and Summary report can be extracted to be shared with stakeholders with debug information and screenshots

Provides a simplified dashboard for real time data extraction.

Comprehensive Security Configuration Validation

Validate Integrity of WD security for Action Level and Field Level Permissions

Over 1000+ Action and Field Level Security tests come out of the box

OpKey validates your securable actions on WD objects and data items at the click of a button and  automatically compares against your expected requirements

Pre-Built Workday Configurations

OpKey Surge provides 1000’s of Out of the Box and reusable Workday Automated Configuration tests

Automated tests can be matched to your unique Workday configurations with simple retrofitting

Tests ensuring 100% regulatory compliance to security process controls

Connect Workday with other Business Systems

OpKey Surge provides regular support to vast Workday technologies like Inbound/Outbound EIB, CloudConnect

Optimize your Workday configuration, integrate it with your existing platforms and applications, Payroll, XSLT transformations, and WD Studio to other 3rd Party systems

Supports business integrations like PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, etc and hence provides its customers confidence that data will flow in to and out of your Workday system accurately.

Unmatched Regional Compatibility of Tests

Strategic architecture of reusable libraries provides a higher rate of compatibility with global processes

100% regulatory compliance to Security Process

Localised changes achieving Regionally Compatible tests in 50% faster duration

Successful Workday Update Testing

Workday is a workflow-based solution and not a transactional one, processes often intersect, OpKey tests your unique configuration on every update

Validation of sandbox and sandbox preview tenants side by side throughout the five-week period made easy with OpKey’s reusable libraries and Risk-Based tests

A simple T1/T2 comparison allows to clearly spot which processes have been impacted by the Workday update.

Workday HCM Integration Testing

OpKey automatically launch your WD integrations and compares the generated output

Creates test data needed for consistently and repeatedly speeding up and simplifying end-to-end integration testing

OpKey continuously test the integrations of Workday HCM deployment

Ready To Start Workday Automation Testing With OpKey?

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Monitor the integrity of your Workday Security Configurations with OpKey Surge

With average of 2000+ Security tests run/change OpKey quickly knows any impact-to-access immediately ensuring accuracy across your Workday system

Managing Risk of your Workday Data Security

OpKey validates hundreds of thousands of securable actions and data items at the click of a button and  automatically compares against your expected security accesses

OpKey’s Security testing empowers its customers to carefully monitor the impacts of configuration changes— catching critical issues before they reach production and cause problems for end-users or violate compliance

Critical Security Types to Validate

Security Groups: Validation of data and BP that the security group has access to.

Domain: Validation of Domain and BP policies grouped into more than 40 functional areas.

Segregation of Duties/BP Control: Expected handovers defined in a process are getting handed over to the authorised roles for those tasks.

When should you test your Workday Security

During a Workday Deployment

After any Patch Release/Refresh

Half Yearly Workday Updates

Restructuring or Acquisitions

Compliance Periods

Testing Critical Security Audit Reports

OpKey runs and validates WD Critical Security Audit reports to compare reports, structures and output values

Some critical reports include Action Summary for Security Groups, Segregation of Duties- Potential Customer Conflicts, Potential Supplier Conflicts and are compared to check for data configuration and report definition (and availability) differences between tenants.

Ready To Start Workday Automation Testing With OpKey?

Please contact us directly for more information and to schedule a demo.

Transform and Accelerate your Workday Update Journey with OpKey Surge

Speed up your preview Tenant testing by 80% prioritising your business risk and a comprehensive Change management strategy reducing testing costs by over 70%

Reducing Risk and Testing Workday Updates

OpKey’s comprehensive Risk –Based test packs automatically set results at the click of a button helps you reduce testing effort to mere hours instead of days and weeks

Workday update testing by OpKey increase test coverage by over 200%, and catch 90% more defects than manual testing

Change Impact Analysis for Workday Updates

Mitigate risks instantly due to constant configuration changes in the Workday Update Preview window with intelligent change analysis by OpKey reducing over 60% of effort.

Simultaneously Test Your Sandbox and Sandbox Preview Tenants

OpKey executes a set of tests on one tenant and repeat the exact same set of tests on your other tenant with a click of a button

The resulting comparison report quickly showcases any differences between the two tenants and help users take required remedial actions

Critical Reporting and Integration Tests

OpKey executes Security, Reports and Integration tests on both your sandbox and sandbox preview tenants post Workday’s Update

Providing an exact comparison of your integrations, reports and security running on the current version of Workday versus the preview version of Workday highlighting any discrepancies between the two

Ready To Start Workday Automation Testing With OpKey?

Please contact us directly for more information and to schedule a demo.



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