Future of Testing for Next Gen ERPs

Future of Testing for Next Gen ERPs is a strategic report featuring Forrester that showcases why enterprises should move beyond the traditional testing to achieve agile functionality and business process execution through digital operations platforms (DOPs).

The legacy ERPs, while essential to many business functions, do not meet many of the needs for future fit enterprises. They are not adaptive or intelligent enough and do not natively support modern digital business use cases. In order to support the agility of DOPs, we need to think beyond traditional testing methods. This is where you need a new age test automation approach which you can find in this report.

A Look Inside


1. Digital Era Needs New Age ERPs –Digital Operations Platforms

2. Testing Is Behind The Digital Success For Next Gen ERPs

2.1 Day 1 Test Automation for DOPs

2.2 Enables Continuous Testing

2.3 Allows Zero/ Low Code

2.4 Supports Additional Functionalities Like Process Mining

2.5 Ease of Maintenance with AI/ML

3. Witnessing A Growth In ROI From Day One With “OpKey”

4. Research From Forrester: The Digital Operations Platform: Your Bold, Next-Gen Approach To ERP

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