Dispatch Report - Global Cloud ERP Software Market Research Report

It's no secret that the past 20 years have seen a seismic shift in how ERP software is being developed - and the pace of change has not let up. There is a constant influx of new tools and technologies, and customer expectations swiftly catch on, with the default level of expected software quality creeping up every moment. The adoption of Cloud ERP software requires complex architectures, and adequate testing across multiple applications, layers and teams, and it becomes clear why testing often remains a bottleneck.

According to Orbis Research, "OpKey is one of the most comprehensive and mature integrated continuous test automation platforms on the market."

A Look Inside


1. Cloud ERP Software Market Scope

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Cloud ERP Software Market Overview

4. Key Challenges and Players

5. Global Cloud ERP Software Market Analysis, by Region, type, and application

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