Accelerate Digital Revolution in Pharma Business with Oracle Cloud Solution

Pharma being the most regulated industry needs to ensure that its critical business applications remain compliant to a wide regulatory landscape. However, customers using Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud Service are struggling to keep pace with Oracle Cloud Frequent Updates.

In this paper, we've presented OpKey as a Test Automation Solution for Oracle Cloud Applications. It has been discussed how embracing test automation through AI-driven Intelligent solutions like OpKey can dramatically lower the risk associated with software updates while keeping compliance risk at bay.

A Look Inside


1. Introduction

2. Oracle Cloud EPM – Making Pharma Companies more Agile

3. Evolution of EPM from On Premises to Cloud

4. Testing Challenges in Pharmaceutical Applications

5. Moving towards an Automated ERP testing approach

6. Testing What’s New with Oracle Cloud Applications

7. Why you need Continuous Testing for Oracle?

8. Continuous Automated Testing with OpKey

9. Conclusion

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