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Simplifying Test Automation with Behavior Driven Development

As a business User or a functional tester, If you have often asked yourself how you can collaborate better with developers to ensure all features are built and tested the way users need, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) may be a good choice for your team. Isn’t it cool when the user stories made by the Business Analyst (BA) become test cases and are tested? And how great would that be if you as a BA or functional tester can convert the user stories to automate test cases without knowing anything technical about selenium or QTP? Interested to know how? Well, then you should definitely check out this webinar recording.
Speaker: Lavanya Upadhyay

Multi Channel Test Automation with Open Source

As of now, there exists no tool, open source or otherwise, to facilitate automation of test cases which run across platforms. For e.g. selenium is great to handle across browser testing; but has no support when a need to do image based testing; web service testing or mobile application testing, arises. Currently there is no framework available where one can make use of more than one automation tool in the same test case.
Speaker: Avinash Tiwari

OpKey – The one stop enterprise test automation framework for Web, Mobile and Web services automation

It’s a given that in this era of dynamic business environment and agile dev practices, you cannot afford to have Testing and QA functions as your bottleneck. More and more orgs worldwide are turning to effective test Automation to solve this problem. And it is a recognized fact that a good automation framework can enhance your automation ROI manifolds.
OpKey- A patented Gen 5 automation framework by CresTech helps you deploy a single automation framework on top of tools like SeleniumWatirSahi (web) & Robotium, Frank (Mobile) and helps you cut down on automation expense by up to 40%.
Check here how global organizations like AXA, Mach, Nucleus, Oneshield and many others have deployed OpKey as their enterprise automation framework.
Speaker: Pankaj Goel

Test Automation without Coding

Most of the software testing tools present in market today requires knowledge of a programming language, you can’t get your best software tester or Subject matter expert to automate your tests. Instead, you have to find a programmer, who may not understand the business value of software to build the test automation. Think of a scenario where your test scripts can be added to an existing test scenario or a new one can be created without any programming.
Check this Webinar recording where we discussed about various challenges that we face while starting our Test automation initiative and a possible solution for the same.
Speaker: Lavanya Upadhyay

Business Driven Smart Test Automation – Drive Efficiency and Improve Quality in Insurance Testing

Owing to complexity in Insurance Application Testing, there are many challenges like poor test coverage, frequent and short release cycles and not enough confidence in testing. These challanges lead to lag in accomplishing business needs.
CresTech Software Systems, thought leader in software testing, have always brought innovative solution to accomplishing challanging business needs. In this webinar, we are addressing such challenges with our innovative Business Driven Test Accelerator.
Speaker: Avinash Tiwari

Introducing OpKey 2.0 - The Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform

With Cloud being the latest technological trend coming into picture, what could be bigger than having an Automation Framework with Cloud feature. Yes, you heard that right. OpKey Personal Edition 2.0 has recently released with features like OpKey Cloud & Record Playback. Now, you can create your script using OpKey, Run on OpKey Cloud by choosing 100+ browser-OS combinations available & get Results and screenshots back to your local machine. What could be more bigger is that you can avail all these features with OpKey Personal Edition for FREE!!
Check the below Webinar recording to see how OpKey works with new features like Record/Playback & OpKey on Cloud.
Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

Un-Lock the Open Source Test Tool World of Advantages

Over recent years there has been an increasing trend in adaptation of open source test tools by organizations across globe . The open source test tool world has now to offer a bunch of solutions which allow one to automate applications whether it is a HTML5 based app, a Native mobile application, or web service. More and more organizations are moving away from heavy license based, rigid and expensive commercial solutions to the FREE, flexible and customizable open source test tools.
But the adaptation of open source test tools is and has remained a cause of anxiety to the test teams.Check out the Webinar Recording to understand what challenges are being faced faced by the test teams & How OpKey can be seen as “The Breakthrough Advantage for Open Source Test Tool Adaptation
Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

Functional Test Automation - The Cloud Way

Having to continually invest in, manage and support an old Testing methodology can now be considered as a waste of time. OpKey Cloud represents a secure, easy-to-deploy and pay per use model where testing can be done without any kind of hassles. Think of a scenario where you need to functional test your web applications on different browsers & Operating systems.
For doing so, you will have to ask your IT Team to create a separate Test Lab. Is it worth creating & maintaining a Test Lab, which is used only once a while? Of course, the choice is yours but why not look for an easy and more convenient alternative. OpKey Cloud is one of them. It manages the complete infrastructure of a Test Lab right from the Operating System, multiple browsers and other things which helps in maximizing your teams productivity. Check out this webinar recording for knowing more about OpKey Cloud.
Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

Is your Web application Compatible enough with today's browsers?

Suppose recently you have developed a killing web application, and you want the world to know about it. Well the world out there is not looking at your product, the way you are looking at it.
To put it in better terms, you might have tailored your website behavior, layout & design only for Internet Explorer or Firefox but someone just opened your website in Safari, or a mobile based browser, or a tab based browser? Then………. So, make sure you have tested all views on all possible combinations. So, in today’s webinar will talk about the challenges & solutions of cross browser compatibility testing.
Speaker: Lavnya Upadhyay

Introducing OpKey Personal Edition

It has been witnessed in recent years by the software testing industry experts that Software Systems are developing themselves as being dynamic, scalable, agile, adaptable & rich in information in the context of 'Test Automation, using open source tools'. And to deal with these highly characterized Software Systems, it is highly essential to have an Automation Framework that can actually be versatile and at the same time, can provide the latest features related to testing.
Here, OpKey Personal Edition can be seen as the solution. With its host of user friendly and evolved features enables you to leverage the open source test automation space, with no or minimal effort, helping you deliver quality testing services faster and at no cost. Yes, it's FREE! To know more about OpKey in detail, kindly have a look at the webinar recording below.
Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

Oracle Cloud Update Readiness and its Significant Impact

Oracle 20A release has usability enhancement, features update and new interface integrations. Some of the functional areas that have seen significant changes are Expense & Receivables(financials), Purchasing, Compensation & Absence Management (HCM)
In this session learn about how Oracle Cloud test accelerator’s proprietary technology helps you to validate and certify your business processes which creates zero impact on your existing scripts.
Key Highlights of Webinar:
Readiness before the Oracle Cloud Update and how to prepare from its significant business impact.
How OpKey will NIL the impact caused on object properties by the Oracle 20A update.
Minimize your regression testing effort with the help of AI powered Self-Configuring/Self-Healing Engine.
Speaker: Amit Kumar and Dimpy Sharma

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This site use Cookies to deliver our Service. By using this site you acknowledge that you have read and accepted Our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Your interest in OpKey or use of its free trial or purchase of a subscription package is subject to these Terms and Policies