19.2 SMTP Settings

Once you have successfully logged into OpKey Test Accelerator

Here, is how you will do the SMTP Settings

Go to Tools > SMTP Settings

SMTP Settings window will open up as shown below:

  • Specify the SMTP Server Name. For Example: mail.crestechglobal.com.​​
  • Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  • Mention the Email Address where you wish to send the execution result.
  • Write the Port Number of the server through which the mail will go. By default, it is 25.
  • If you want to allow secure transferring of e-mails in encrypted format then tick the Enable SSL checkbox.
  • Once the Require Authentication checkbox is selected, the UserName and password field gets enabled.​​​​
  • Enter the UserName. Select the same as Email Address checkbox in case the UserName is same as Email Address.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Mention the Email Id’s on which the mail has to be sent. If you are mentioning multiple Email Id’s then separate them with commas.
  • Click on Save button to save the configurations done for SMTP.
  • Send Test Mail” option allows user to try and send a sample email. The User can send a test mail prior to sending reports in mail to check that mails are being delivered successfully to the receiver.​​
  • The Include “Skipped Over” steps should be marked as Checked or unchecked as per the requirement of the Business User.
    ** If all mandatory arguments of a Test Step are not provided with values then that Test step is considered to be “Skipped Over” step.
  • To move back to OpKey window either click on Close icon at the right most corner of the screen.

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