9.9 Sharing data from one Coded FL to another Coded FL


OpKey users can now share their data from one Coded FL to another Coded FL. Earlier to this, you needed to re-write the same code in your new Coded FL file again and again, as required. Now, this data sharing feature helps you to get data in the new Coded FL file from another Coded FL.

Let us see how to use this feature…

Steps to be followed:

  • Suppose there is a Coded FL in which you have set data of string type as Test String 1. You can set any type of data like integer, double, boolean, class object etc.
  • Now, set name (S1) of this string data while using the below-given code in the screenshot. You can set data also from the Input Parameter value.
  • Now, go to the desired Coded FL in which you want to fetch the data of previous Coded FL.
  • Write the code given below in screenshot and get the data.

In this way, you can easily share your set data from one Coded FL to another one. During test execution of the second Code FL, the set data of first Coded FL will get used as per the scenario.

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