32.15 OpKey Release – 5.60

New Features

Comparison of Oracle-based reports through OpKey Surge

OpKey Surge (previously OpKey Test Accelerator) is now integrated with an advanced feature of comparing Oracle-based reports of different releases of Oracle versions. Supports report types are Payroll Activity Report, Payroll Register Report, Worker Details Report, Salary Details Report, Payables Report, Cash To General, Receivables To General, and Salary Basis. You can select or upload the desired report type, set tolerance, generate reports data and analytics, and analyze them.

You click on the Compare Reports button on the OpKey Surge home page, two options appear as Compare Reports and Report Analytics. From the Compare Reports page, you can navigate to the user instructions page and then go to the next page to select the desired report type, compare reports, and analyze the report data. You can select existing reports and upload external reports for comparison. You can also set tolerance in percentage and value unit. Once the report is generated, you can view and analyze the report’s data. Further, you can save reports and analytics or analytics only as per your requirement. You can save the generated reports, download it and save for later use. Reports Analytics page shows the saved analytics data and reports.

Multiple Themes in OpKey
There are multiple themes of OpKey that you can apply to change the overall theme of the OpKey user interface. You can navigate to the Profile page from where you can select the desired theme for your OpKey Web (Blue, Red or Purple).

Spock Agent support in Jenkins
OpKey users can now trigger their test execution on a machine by using Spock Agent and corresponding online Spock Agent Client. Before you trigger the test execution, make sure that Spock Agent client utility is running on the desired machine and it’s online.

OpKey email notification triggers
OpKey users can now send the desired report of test execution triggered on Jenkins by Spock Agent. For this, you need to select the required report type from the list. You can also customize the type of report based on the execution session status by selecting the Email notification type (ForEveryCase, ForEveryPassSession, & ForEveryFailSession). Make sure that the SMTP Setting is configured successfully on your machine. The status of the session will go as a subject of the mail sent through SMTP mail settings.

BPMN feature enhancement

There are two types of layouts of the BPMN view of Business Processes:

  • Serpentine Layout: Serpentine layout represents the snake like layout in which we are following a top down approach.
  • Linear Layout: linear layout view represents the straight line from left to right for every lane.

We are also providing plus (+) Button in sequence flow. Users can now add new blank tasks just by clicking on the plus (+) button present in sequence flow.

OpKey Surge Revamp

The brand name of the OpKey Test accelerator has now been revamped with the OpKey Surge.

Username update in respective field for executions run through ALM on OpKey

Now the name of the user (instead of admin) gets updated automatically in ALM under the Tester field in Test Runs for the executions run by a particular registered OpKey user in ALM. This helps admin to trace the runs executed by any particular registered user in ALM.

Updating name of the automation tool used for test automation

OpKey users executing runs from ALM can now update the name of the test automation tool (if you are using any other automation tool with OpKey) in the Run Details (custom field) under the Test Runs. For this, a new custom field (Field name: Automation & Field Value: OpKey) is added as, to the Additional Settings option on QC/ALM Settings page.

Updating Actual Result/Comment field in ALM

OpKey users can now update the actual result & comment field in ALM with respect to every Step of Test Case after execution.

All Continue On Error Settings

Now there is a significant enhancement in the feature named as “Continue On Error” in OpKey Web. A new setting option is added in the Advanced Execution Settings page with name All Continue On Error Settings. From here you can select Default Setting, Select All and Deselect All. If you select Default Setting then Continue On Error feature will work as per your settings applied at step level. If you choose Select All then this setting will be applied on your whole script for this test execution whether you have selected Continue On Error on step level or not. If you choose Deselect All option then this setting will be applied on your whole script for this test execution whether you have selected Continue On Error on step level or not.

Agent Management page merging

Agent Management page under the Admin section is now updated. Now there are two tabs, Local Agent and Spock Agent Client. You can navigate to the desired tab to perform the respective task..

OpKey Mobile based new features and enhancements

  • Image-based execution: Now OpKey users can perform image-based test execution on Android devices by cropping the image executing run by using OpKey Android Mobility plugin.
  • Mobicast support to Android v10 devices: You can now view the live test execution using OpKey Mobicast, running on the Android devices having Android version 10
  • Adb update: OpKey Android Mobility plugin now supports the latest ADB.
  • pCloudy service update: pCloudy service has now been updated to version 6 for effortless test execution on mobile devices.
    New Keyword implementation: There are few new keywords related to mobile-based test execution, added in this OpKey release. They are…
  1. GetEditboxValue
  2. GetTextFromEditbox
  3. VerifyEditboxText
  4. VerifyEditboxValue
  5. VerifyEditboxEditable
  6. VerifyEditboxEnabled
  7. VerifyEditboxDisabled
  8. Mobile_GetRadioButtonStatus
  9. VerifyRadioButtonSelected
  10. VerifyRadioButtonNotSelected
  11. Mobile_SwitchWifi
  12. Mobile_SwitchBluetooth

Note: You are recommended to download the latest released OpKey Execution Agent, install it and then use for the successful test execution and work upon the newly released features.

Major Bug Fixes

Known Issues


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