32.11 OpKey Release – 5.56

New Features

New SecuredString Input Parameter

OpKey users can now add a new type “SecuredString” of input parameter in their Function Libraries. Being secured string data, the values are shown in the encrypted form and the actual data is masked by the asterisk. The secured string value remains encrypted wherever it is used until you decrypt it by using the decryption password (set for the project).

Encrypted Secure data in LDR mode

Now the values given under the TypeSecureText keyword in a Test Case will remain encrypted even after switching to the Local Data Repository (LDR) mode until you decrypt it by using the data decryption password. If you have mapped a Function Library (having used SecuredString input parameter) with the Test Case and switched to the LDR mode then the SecuredString value will be encrypted.

OpKeyMobility-iOS Plugin enhancements

  • Now OpKeyMobility-iOS Plugin supports iOS version 13 and you can perform test automation on iOS devices having iOS version 13.
  • The object gets now highlighted during playback and fetching objects using the Spy feature. In this way, you can easily identify the object on which action is being performed.
  • There are two keywords added, SetLocation and ResetLocation which help you to set and reset location as required.
  • Once the application gets installed in the iOS device during playback, now the application gets launched automatically.

OpKey Appium Plugin enhancements

Here are some existing OpKey keywords which have now been implemented also for Appium Native android:

  1. VerifyRadioButtonExist
  2. SelectRadioButtonAndWait
  3. VerifyRadioButtonEnabled
  4. VerifyRadioButtonStatus
  5. VerifyRadioButtonDisabled
  6. GetRadioButtonStatus
  7. SelectCheckBoxByText
  8. DeselectCheckboxByText
  9. VerifyObjectDisabled
  10. ClickByText
  11. TypeByText
  12. GetTextFromTextArea
  13. GetCheckboxStatus
  14. GetObjectEnabled

There are few new services keywords added for Appium plugin on the android devices in the local environment, are as follows:

  1. SwitchAirplaneMode
  2. SwitchMobileData
  3. SwitchBluetooth
  4. SwitchGPS

A new services keyword is added for Appium plugin on the android devices in the pCloudy environment, as follows:

  1. SetSeekbar (local and pCloudy)

Note: You are recommended to download the latest released OpKey Execution Agent, install it and then use for the successful test execution and work upon the newly released features.

Major Bug Fixes

Known Issues


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