32.7 OpKey Release – 5.50

New Features

Integration of BitBucket with OpKey
BitBucket has now been integrated with the OpKey. OpKey users can execute their Suites from the BitBucket environment by using the CLI commands. Once, Suite get executed successfully, you can view complete execution logs, execution result and do more. You need to add OpKey Jar given by OpKey team and integrate BitBucket with the OpKey. Being a CLI tool, you need to use commands (syntax) and trigger Suite execution. You can also execute multiple tests simultaneously.

Integration of Sauce Labs with OpKey
Sauce Labs is a popular cloud based cross browser test automation platform. Now, OpKey users can automate their test by choosing desired mobile (Android or iOS) & system platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux) based on chosen plugin (Appium, Selenium web driver or Web) in combination with the supporting devices & browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) respectively. Before using Sauce Labs in OpKey, make sure that you have Sauce Labs account with required credits.

Coded FL Enhancements
Now there is a toggle button of On/Off for Intellisense. User can switch this button On or Off to switch on or off the Intellisense feature, as per his requirement. You can now import the respective Java package for your class (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O) button and use it to compile your code successfully. Before importing java packages automatically, make sure that Intellisense is in On state. While executing multiple Coded Function Library files, added in a Test case, now you can share data of first Coded FL to the second Coded FL. Thus, you need not to copy data from one Coded FL and paste it to another Coded FL file.

OpKey Keywords Enhancements
Now, there are few enhancements in two existing keywords: GetTextFromTableCellByQuery & TypeTextIntableCellByQuery. Now one additional data input argument (HeaderIndex) has been added in both keywords. In addition, there is a new keyword ClickObjectInTableCellByQuery added in this release.

OpKey Platform Restrictions
Now an OpKey Admin user can restrict the accessibility of desired platform(s) to a normal user while providing accessibility of a default login platform. In case of user login on any other platform (other than default login platform), he will be redirected to the default platform. However, the normal user must be given at least a default login platform accessibility.

File Transfer History
Now, there is a new tab named as “File Transfer History” in the admin section of the OpKey. Here, you can view the history details of common actions like export, replica, import, sync etc. performed on a particular project in a tabular form. You can download logs of performed action by clicking on Download Logs button but this button will be visible only for a week (7 days) from the date of action performed.

Other features & enhancements

  • In case of Copy & Replica, exported logs will not contain logs related to export action.
  • Backward slash (\) will not be allowed in the name of file, folder or artifact. Existing backward slashes will get replaced by the underscore (_) symbol.
  • While deleting a folder containing different artifacts, now user will be delete an independent artifact (an artifact which is not connected or mapped to any other artifact.).
  • Now, progress bar of ongoing sync & import process will be displaying along with the logs. You can see the live logs of the ongoing Sync and import process. Once, sync or import process get completed, you can view and download complete logs.
  • Now, files having multiple dots (.) are allowed to upload on OpKey cloud under Keyword Management and Attachment Management but files having .exe or .bat extensions are not allowed to upload. Make sure that file size does not exceeds 10 MB.

Note: You are recommended to download & install latest released OpKey Agent for test execution.

Major Bug Fixes

Known Issues


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