32.1 OpKey Release – 5.44

OpKey Release – 5.44

New Features

Now, OpKey users can schedule their Suite at particular date & time in future. There is a button named as Schedule this Suite in the Suite and you can click on this button to schedule the particular Suite for test execution. You can schedule single & multiple Suites from the Scheduler option available under Tools Menu. Further, the scheduled sessions can be viewed in Scheduled Session window. Make sure that OpKey Hub is online & Enable for Grid/Scheduled Execution checkbox is marked in OpKey Agent at the scheduled date/time of test execution.

Collection Variable (Beta)
Now, there is are two new variable type added in OpKey – Collection & KeyValuePair. Collection Variable allows you to add multiple values of String, Integer, Double, DateTime & KeyValuePair type and use them accordingly. You can add your own private collection variable and use them across your tests. There are few collection & KeyValuePair variable specific keywords added in this OpKey release.

Highlight Object option in Execution Wizard
OpKey users can now set an option “Highlight Object” under Advanced Execution Wizard which highlights objects before performing action on it during test execution. This feature is now available only with OpKey Web plugin only. Thus, you can easily identify the object on which action is being performed during test execution using OpKey Web.

Support for Java Applications
A new Java Recorder has been implemented with OpKey which is integrated with Desktop Recorder. It is able to record actions performed on Java based applications & play them back using Java plugin. New icon of Java Recorder will be added in recorder list in further releases. Div properties of objects will also get recorded by the new OpKey Recorder.

Execution Status tab in executable artifacts
There is a new tab added in the bottom factory of the executable artifacts (Test Case, Function Library, Coded Function Library, Suite, Gherkin & Model). It contains information about the last 10 executed sessions. When you click on the particular session, it will redirect you to the respective execution session in a new tab and highlight the corresponding test step.

Audit Trails in Service Repository
There is now an AuditTrails tab added under the dockable panel of Service Repository in OpKey. It contains all editing related information in a tabular form. You can export AuditTrails to Excel file.

Selenium Upgrade to version 3.14
Now, OpKey Plugins support Selenium Version 3.14. Stability and performance of the Selenium plugin has also been improved in this OpKey release.

Maker Checker in OpKey Web & Accelerator
Maker Checker is a new concept which has now been implemented in OpKey Web & Accelerator. Now there is a Status button added to the artifacts which has two default status as Draft & Published. However, you can add desired status fields from the Admin console. As name suggest, Draft status shows un-reviewed artifact status whereas Published status shows reviewed status of artifact. Moreover, rules will be defined in further releases.

Multiplugin Support with Spock Agent
OpKey Spock Agent now supports multiple OpKey plugins. Earlier to this, it was supporting OpKey Web plugin only. The list of Spock Agent supported plugins for Windows & Mac systems are given below:

Coded Function Library feature enhancement
Intellisense description is now available in Coded Function Library at user interface level. It includes input parameters data type and return data type. Functionality of Intellisense in Coded FL has also been improved significantly.

MBT Feature Enhancement
Now, logs of the last published Model are displayed in the Published Logs tab in the bottom factory of Model. It includes important information about the test execution of your model. You can now collapse desired published model to view the other model in larger view on published model comparison window.

New Mobile Keywords
There are four new mobile keywords delivered in this OpKey release.

  1. Mobile_GetAllAppearedToastMessages
  2. Mobile_GetRecentToastMessage
  3. Mobile_VerifyRecentToastMessage
  4. Mobile_VerifyToastAppeared

Breaking Changes

OpKey Execution Agent: Due to architectural changes done at agent level, it is mandatory to download and install latest OpKey Execution Agent. Please note that executions will not start on previous version of agent.

OpKey Web Plugin Settings: There are few check-boxes implemented for OpKey Web Plugin in Plugin Settings option under Tools menu in OpKey Execution Agent. These check-boxes are as per the used web development technologies (JQuery, Angular etc.) in web app to be tested. These check-boxes enables you to set wait time (in seconds) until the web page containing particular web technology, get loaded.

Major Bug Fixes

Known Issues


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