5.3 Executing Mobile Test Suite on pCloudy

Let us see how to execute a Mobile Test Suite on pCloudy device.Create a Suite and map your Mobile Test with Suite > click on Run on pCloudy button

Enter pCloudy credentials (API User Name and API Access Key) on API Dashboard (https://device.pcloudy.com) and click on Login button.


Fill all required fields in pCloudy Execution Wizard, and then click on Next. You can check Show Advanced Settings checkbox to apply advanced settings in execution.

Here, you can apply your screenshot settings like Take Snapshots of, Snapshot Quality and Step Timeout.

You can provide Session Tags from here which will help you to recognize your test execution quickly and easily.

You can provide a Global Variable Value from here which will replace your default corresponding values of test steps.

Select your mobile OS, mobile OS version and mobile device and click on Next.

Here, you can see your selected mobile OS, mobile OS version and device. Click on Complete to begin execution process.

Here, you can view execution logs.

You can view live test execution gong on the pCloudy device. Login to pCloudy, go to the Devices page and view your live test execution.

You can view your live test execution.

Here, you can view Complete execution logs.

Once execution has finished successfully, you can see execution result in different view and analyze your result as well.


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