Do you face issues while uploading an attachment on an application while testing its functionality? Are you seeking a one-shot resolution to get your document uploaded that will help click the browse button and get the document uploaded?

Opkey’s Utility_UploadFile is here to help you. This keyword will help you get the document uploaded on your web application by browsing the required file. It will help you avoid getting stuck when in such scenarios, which require the document to get uploaded by browsing.

Let us have a look at it:

  • Login to the Opkey Web Portal and select the required project to work on.
  • Create a test case of steps required to test the application's functionality via recording.

You will have to map the output of the highlighted step to the next step.

  • Next you will have to add the Utility_UploadFile keyword in the script and pass the value of the file output present in the Output Parameter of the GetFilePath keyword to the Input Parameter of the Utility_UploadFile.

This will click on the Browse button and get the document uploaded.