Struggling to read the details of PDF file? Do you wish to verify PDF contents and match them with the actual content while automating your scripts?

Opkey’s Utility_PDF Reader keyword does all this for you. You’ll have to provide the path of PDF and then add the UtilityPDF_Reader keyword to retrieve the PDF files text as output. This will help the user crosscheck and verify the content present in the PDF. This eliminates the probability of errors being present in the PDF. 

Let us have a look at how we can add them to our script.

  1. Create a script for the portal and add steps.
  2. Go the page which contains the PDF file, whose content you need to verify.
  3. Provide the path by adding a keyword before the PDF reader keyword.


  1. The Utility_PDF Reader keyword will provide you  the content of PDF as output.




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