Best Practices - Using a Scheduler

Schedule your jobs to achieve minimal manual intervention and optimum use of agents even when you are away from the machine at a post defined time. The overall execution time gets reduced by distributing the run on different machines. 

Opkey Scheduler helps you to schedule execution only for your jobs.

Points to remember:

  • Scheduled session gets discarded if the required plugin is not installed on the configured agent. Along with a notification message, discarded session will be removed from the list on Opkey hub.

  • If Opkey agent is not selected while scheduling suite execution through scheduler then session will look for any available agent (having proper required configuration) & your session will get executed as per the scheduled date & time.

  • You can schedule multiple sessions on an Opkey Agent to be executed simultaneously but there should be required configuration on the Agent for executing multiple sessions.

  • Before scheduling Suite for test execution, make sure that Opkey Hub is online & Enable for Grid/Scheduled Execution checkbox is marked in Opkey Agent at the scheduled date/time of test execution.

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