16.2 Opkey Plugin Licenses

OpKey supports a number of plugins that help to automate Test Execution of specific applications using the specific plugin. These plugins require a specific license. However, when you use OpKey for the first time, you get 30 days free trial period for Agent & plugins. There are four default plugins that get installed automatically with the OpKey Agent & they are OpKey-IE, OpKey Desktop, Web & Utility Plugin with 30 days of the trial period. You can also extend and avail license by contacting to OpKey Support team.

Now, you don’t need to generate a machine code for extending the license for your OpKey Agent as OpKey Agent gets a license as per the license of your OpKey domain.

Once, you get license keys from OpKey Support team, follow the below-given steps to enter the license code of OpKey plugins:

  • Go to the OpKey Agent dashboard page and then the Plugin License Information section.
  • For example, let us enter the Appium plugin license for OpKey Seat License. Click Β Settings of Appium License Details. Copy the Appium license code and paste it to the specified Seat license text area.
  • Click Activate. Once, your Appium license gets verified successfully, your license period for the Appium plugin gets updated.
  • Similarly, you can enter the license for other OpKey plugins and activate them.


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