4.7 Creating test case by adding Flowchart

The Flowchart feature is one of the most innovative features of Opkey. Now, you can make your test steps just by dragging the corresponding keywords and arranging them in Flowchart form. Create a new Test Case file, switch to Flowchart view and drag your keywords to the respective place and connect them in the desired order.

You can also search your keyword by typing its name in the search box. You can even switch back to the Keyword view from FlowChart view of the Test Case by turning the Flowchart toggle off. You can anytime switch to the Flowchart view by turning ON the 'Flowchart' toggle and vice versa.

Let us switch to the Flowchart mode of the Test Case...

While creating your Flowchart by dragging & dropping selected keywords, you must remember that connecting your respective keyword box in the Flowchart is essential otherwise the keyword box will disappear.

When you right-click on Flowchart, you get various options for adding/creating blocks of 'Control Flow Construct' keywords (If, Else & For). Right-click also provides you an option to delete selected Flow Chart step(s).



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