22.10 Zephyr Integration

Zephyr is now Integrated with OpKey to map the OpKey test cases with the Zephyr test cases. Post execution in OpKey, now users can view the updated result in the Zephyr test case of the created test cycles.

Mapping Of Zephyr Test Cases with OpKey Test Cases

1. Log in to the OpKey portal

2. Go to the Tools menu

3. Open External Tool Integration

4. Provide Jira credentials and select Project of JIRA whose Test cases you want to map with OpKey Test cases.

5. Now right-click on any OpKey Test Case.

6. Open Mapping with JIRA option.

7. JIRA filter will open

8. Now select Project in the filter whose Zephyr Test cases need to be mapped with OpKey Test cases.

9. Here all Jira IDs will be visible on selected projects at either Bugs or Test Cases.

10. Select that particular Test Case which you need to map and then click on the Apply mapping button.

11. Now you can see a mapping icon on that OpKey Test case which indicates that this Test case is now mapped with Zephyr Test Case.

Executing OpKey Test Cases

  1. Now add the mapped Test Cases in Suite.
  2. Open the Suite and click on the Run button.
  3. Click on the Advanced Setting in the Execution Wizard.
  1. Here select the checkbox of β€œUpdate Mapped Test Management Artifact”.
  2. In the Zephyr window, users can provide the name and version of the test cycle. The description can also be provided for the test cycle. Users can also provide the start date and end date of the test cycle.

Post updating, execute the Test Cases

Updation in Zephyr Test Cases

  1. The status will get updated in the Zephyr Test case post-execution.
  2. Execution Results will get updated along with attachments.


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