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With OpKey, agile teams now have a test automation platform to create reliable automation tests significantly faster and maintain them painlessly. OpKey allows Test teams to automate their mobile apps, web apps, web services and integrate seamlessly with their Devops without requiring a coding background

Action Driven Testing

OpKey provides you a powerful test editor to create your new test or modify existing one with more than 400 Keywords to perform all possible actions on your application. This includes validations, checkpoints, file handling, system keywords and even control constructs like If-Else and For-Next for advanced users


Smart Test Recorder

OpKey has one of the smartest Recorder that can help cut down your initial test authoring time by more than 50%. OpKey Smart Recorder supports recording of your actions on web applications(across IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), android and iOS Test recoding, Oracle EBS and Desktop application recording. Recorder also comes with a powerful Spy feature that lets you observe page hierarchy and object property before working on it


Functional Library for reusability

Functional Libraries (FL) in OpKey lets you create reusable components for making you tests more maintainable. You can record your repetitive actions in a FL (like Login, or Search) and then call this FL from any test script. You can pass on data and get output from this FL for easy data driving. It also provide an option to write code in Java for all those code lovers. This is third form of Function Library along with Keyword view and manual function library view.


OpKey E – Offline Code Editor

Now work even in offline mode with OpKey’s offline code editor. It gives the flexibility to write code in java and then upload it back to OpKey Web later. Helps team in collaborative working. Developers and Automation testers who loves to code can use this editor which has features like code compilation and intelli-sense. It also shows the compilation error.


Manual Test Cases

Along with Automated Test Cases, OpKey also gives option to write manual test cases. User can define the objective, Pre-condition, Post-condition, input parameters and expected output within a single view of the screen.

Test Process Orchestrator

Now view your multiple applications under a single view with OpKey’s Test Process Orchestrator. It gives user an option to create an end-to-end business process containing different applications including ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Workday and CRM’s like Salesforce, etc. with a lane concept view. One lane can be utilised for one application with options to colour them differently. It also highlights and updates the components automatically if it detects any change in the application which makes it really cool feature to work with.


Object Repository for easy Maintenance

In order to allow easy maintenance of your test, we store the objects of your application in a separate object repository. So if properties of some controls change in future, you can easily modify it from OR without impacting your script. Along with using some real advanced features like intellichoose, You can also add an object manually for Day Zero automation.

IntelliChooseTM To Handle dynamic objects

Any enterprise application would have dynamic controls. Hence we have build IntelliChoose A smart object recognition technology. With IntelliChoose, along with object properties, we also capture surrounding objects to enable visual identification of dynamic element. This makes automated tests much more robust and reliable


In Built Data repository

Yep..We know that's the most common use of test automation. To test your systems with multiple set of data and cover all those corner cases. And hence we have made it really easy for you to parameterize your tests with inbult data editor.. And you can also import your test data into the system from databases, excels and XMLs. Happy Data driving!!


Model Based Testing

OpKey comes up with Industry’s first Model Based Testing Approach where you can create model of your application with drag and drop canvas and it can automatically generate 200 test cases from your model within 10 minutes. Not only this, it also highlights the impacted test cases once any change is done in the model.


Gherkin Editor for Agile and BDD Implementations

OpKey support Acceptance test driven development and Behavior driven development out of box. With built-in Advanced State of Art GUI Gherkin editor, you can define your features and scenarios in plain English like Scripting Gherkin language and convert to automated fixtures at a click of button. It also gives option to map those scenarios to any test management tool like Jira, ALM, Octane, qTest, etc.


Agent for Distributed Test Execution

More divided we become the more we conquer. Our Test Automation Philosophy certainly follows this mantra. To test those zillion test combinations, we have build OpKey agent that you can install on multiple VMs and run your tests in parallel.

Multi Browser/Device Testing

OpKey comes up with more than 150+ OS Browser and mobile device combinations which maximizes the capabilities of cross-browser/cross-device testing with OpKey. User can leverage the OpKey’s Multi Browser Testing UI to select the combinations and execute those tests in cloud environment to ensure full coverage. It also provides single dashboard view to to see the Build Health.


Advanced Test Results and Reports

OpKey gives you 3 levels of reports (Summary, Debug and Detailed) to analyze your test results however deep you want. Along with automatic screenshot capturing feature, OpKey gives you useful debug information about the system under test. You can export your results in a HTML or PDF format as well


Real time Dashboards

OpKey gives real time dashboards to monitor the results of testing. It gives a single view to see the Build Status, compare sessions which Includes pie charts. Reports can be easily downloaded in pdf or excel format including screenshots, and detailed error logs that are easily readable for automation testers, developers, and project managers.


Recovery Scenario for Exception handling

Recovery scenarios help you handle unexpected error like popups to make sure your test can continue un-interrupted. You can set up how the pop up should be handled. Should there be a button press or would you like to invoke a series of steps in case an exception comes. Why do you need it? Now C’mon When was the last time everything went as you planned..

Custom Keywords to extend OpKey

Though you would rarely need it, but in case you need to go beyond OpKey keywords, you can register your custom Keywords in Java\VBS. And once registered, these keywords would be available just like normal Keywords. Which means you can virtually do anything with OpKey. What..Make Coffee? Err Well almost anything


Impact analysis before changing tests

With "Used By" feature of OpKey, you can find all the potentially impacted test artifacts at a quick glance even before you make a change to your script. This help you save precious debugging time later and make smarter decisions vis-a-vie script changes. Moreover, OpKey’s latest “Internal Impact” feature highlights the function/keyword where any change has been seen by the application. User can simply validate the change and update the scripts accordingly.


Full Audit Trails for smooth collaboration

Who Broke My tests – Now you won’t have to worry about this question with OpKey. OpKey maintains full audit trails of all the additions and modifications for a specific test artifacts so that your teams can work jointly on building better tests faster.

Automated Accessibility testing

Web accessibility testing enables user to check that a web page (mobile and web) are accessible and compliant to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 standards. It also helps in 3 level Categorization of issues (Critical, Important and non-Critical).


Visual Validation and checkpoints

OpKey gives complete visual validation and checkpoints reports to check the look and feel of the website on different browsers. It can easily test Responsive applications on multiple screen resolutions in an automated fashion and gives exhaustive reports with overlap analysis. Overall, 80% time is saved in testing the responsiveness of web and mobile applications.


Broad Technology Support


Supported Browsers

  • MS IE
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Supported OS

  • Windows 7 & up
  • Mac 10.X


  • HTML5
  • CEF
  • Angular.js
  • Real.JS
  • Polymer.js
  • React.js
  • Meteor.js



  • 5.0 onwards Playback
  • 4.4 onwards


  • 8.x onwards

Works with

  • Real devices
  • Simulator


  • Local devices
  • Real devices on cloud (pCloudy)

Web Services


  • SOAP
  • REST


  • Post, Get, Put, Patch, Delete

Works with

  • JSON
  • XML


  • BasicAuth
  • Digital signature
  • Presumed trust


Supported Applications

  • C/C++
  • .NET application
  • WPF (XAML)
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi

Supported Controls

  • Developer Express
  • Infragistics
  • Microsoft
  • Telerik
  • Standard Windows Controls

Packaged Applications

Supported Applications

  • Oracle EBS
  • Salesforce (Classic and lightning)
  • ServiceNow
  • IBM Maximo
  • Workday

And many more packaged applications

Don’t see the support for your application\Technology listed here? Contact Us

Key Features

Agile BDD & Dev-Ops

As more and more enterprise adopt Agile to change the way teams collaborate to develop systems, its becoming apparent that traditional testing methodologies are not going to work with Agile and Test automation is the only way True Agile can be adopted.

OpKey is build from grounds up for Agile teams. Using OpKey, Users can define their acceptance tests in OpKey's Gherkin editor, link these test to JIRA tickets seamlessly, convert gherkin scripts tests into automated tests with a single click and integrate OpKey tests with Build systems using out of box plugins for Jenkins and Bamboo.

Agile BDD & Dev-Ops

Web Test Automation

With Web apps getting more complex and an array of new age JS libraries getting popular, traditional web automation approach needs an overhaul. All those waiting for AJAX calls, writing code to handle dynamic objects etc. is only going to slow down your automation.

OpKey makes it way easier and significantly more reliable for you to automate your web applications. With 400+ web keywords for almost every possible user action, Automatic waits for AJAX calls so you don’t have to ever worry about synchronization points, and smartest recorder with IntelliChoose technology to handle dynamic object automatically, OpKey is going to revolutionize your web automation experience.

Web Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation

OpKey's awesome support for mobile test automation allows mobile QA teams to create their cross device cross platform tests quickly and execute across multiple devices in parallel within their local setup or using pCLoudy Our cloud enabled device lab

Record and playback tests for your android and iOS app with ease on your local devices, or connect to pCloudy, our cloud lab with 500+ real devices. You can parametrize your tests using in built data editor and integrate your mobile tests to your CD system using our out of box plugins. Now C'mon, Mobile Test Automation cant get easier than that .

Mobile Test Automation

SOAP/REST Automation

APIs or micro-services based architecture is the backbone of any modern day application. While there are many tools out there that support testing APIs on a standalone basis, what they lack is the ability to integrate API tests into end to end integration test with automated UI and other tests.

OpKey helps testers seamlessly combine their API tests with other systems tests like web UI tests and Mobile test to test end to end business processes. With full featured services Editor, OpKey allows you to create your tests easily and data drive with Datasheets.

SOAP/REST Automation

Desktop Automation

Desktop application still form an important part of legacy ecosystem at most enterprises. And any end to end business process automation would be incomplete with enabling automation of desktop apps.

Don’t worry we have you covered with OpKey. OpKey supports test automation for whole bunch of windows desktop applications. OpKey smart recorder allows you to record your tests on technologies like - classic win32 apps, Delphi, VC++ apps, Dot net, WPF etc..
You can also integrate your desktop automation tests with Web and mobile to integrate end to end business process with ease.

Desktop Automation


Mainframes applications are tough to automate as they possess the systems that don't get changed for over 10-20 years. Insurance companies, banks, and the retail industries rely on Mainframe applications to process heavy transactions with reliable and scalable output each time.

OpKey's inbuilt Mainframe test builder can easily recognise the objects along with its positional coordinates on the mainframe application and allows you to create scripts while performing manual actions on the application. Isn't it that much easier to automate mainframe legacy applications? Try it yourself to see the difference

Citrix Application

Citrix server only presents the screenshots of the live application that is running on the Citrix server back to the client machine. Eventually, no automation tool can capture the object attributes and hence it’s a challenge to automate such applications.

OpKey provides a powerful image recognition engine based on optimized OCR algorithms which helps to even recognise the objects through Citrix receiver application. It even gives the flexibility to fetch the object images through relative coordinates. For example – Object A is present at (x,y) pixels away from Object B. With image capturing features added in the recorder itself, you can still achieve great productivity.

SalesForce Automation

Native Java Application

Legacy native java applications are still being used by enterprises and often take months to create automation scripts for these applications. It becomes a nightmare at times to even automate a simple page of java applications.

Not with OpKey though!! OpKey comes up with out of the box native java applications automation capabilities that includes automation of almost all different ranges of java applications. It also fetches different object attributes and even creates xpath at run-time which helps OpKey to find the objects while playing back the scripts.

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