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What is Business Process Testing

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So far, classical approach of Record and Program Style Script Driven methodology for automation implementation has been used. According to this approach, the focus was on specific user interfaces and corresponding clubbing of functionalities to create Test scripts. These Test scripts were then combined to create test suites. But, apart from test driven automation it came with the drawback such as, re-usability and maintainability of test suites, lack of business focus while automation and a challenge of making non-technical users incline towards automation. With all this in mind, Business Process Testing (BPT) came into picture, since; it supports re-usability in testing environment. This blog explores following issues in-case of re usability.

1. Increasing re-usability using BPT framework.
2. Using BPT framework for OpKey testing.
3. Reducing rework by using BPT framework.

What is Business Process Testing?
With the perspective discussed above, OpKey framework allows business testers to move for an alternative approach called Business Process Testing, henceforth referred to as BPT. It is based on the philosophy that any enterprise application involves a number of business processes to be tested. This approach is designed for the participation of business users. Scripts are dependent on each other and combinations of scripts are used to create Test suite to test specific part of application. The BPT framework focuses on Component Driven approach expediting automation implementation and reducing maintenance effort significantly. It happens because the automation implementation starts even before application is ready and the main business focus is on testing.

The re-usability of automation steps written for test cases is a very hard term to achieve. By using BPT framework early in the development cycle, re-usability can be achieved. It consists of:

1. Reusable business components
2. Business components converted into Business process test

Business components are reusable units that perform a specific task in the business process. Wherein, the business process is a compilation of related activities performed to achieve tasks as requested by the customer. If any change needs to be done, then making it in only the business component would do. The explanation on this part will be clear by looking at the diagram of component-based design in context to a Sales application. It shows three business flows which in turn are a combination of business components.


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