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The Engrossing Story Of Opkey Accelerator

February 16, 2020
Iffat Ara Khanam

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What has been a month since starting with SSTS feels like an age, which is good because I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here. Way back when I first started, I was green in the face at the thought of making my way to the far unknown, not knowing what to expect. Before joining SSTS, I knew a bit about automation testing. However, it gave me a good starting foundation from which to begin. 

So far I learned the basics of Opkey, its features, and usage. But now it was the time for the game-changer in the world of autonomous testing. Yes, I am talking about Opkey Accelerator. As the name implies “a substance that speeds up a process” Opkey Accelerator speeds up the whole testing process. With large ERPs like Oracle cloud, Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle EBS, Trackwise, SAP, and Kronos we definitely have to act in a smarter way and employ a different approach. Well, it's said that “necessity is the mother of invention”, this necessity gave birth to the Opkey Accelerator. So, when it comes to ERP testing, what value does our Opkey Accelerator bring to the business? Day Zero start to Automation Opkey Accelerator supports 1000+ Pre-Built test automation components and business processes that provide you Day Zero start to automation. It reduces your testing stress by saving 1000s of working hours over manual testing. Here, you just need to drag and drop pre-built components, define prepare data to configure with components, and start automating. Offers an end-to-end Automation Framework Opkey Accelerators provide you with scalable automation frameworks that can be used across various technology platforms for end-to-end testing activities. This ensures faster RoI, easy to use setup, and a robust testing strategy for various applications. It further helps to reduce overall development costs, as everything can be managed under a single framework. Reduce Risk with Real time Change Impact Analysis ERP’s will continue to issue updates and your business will continue to develop customizations. Through its Impact Analysis, Opkey Accelerator knows exactly which of your critical business functions are impacted with actual usage of those business functions. Instead of testing all the test cases they only need to test those that are highly risky and their dependent components. Replace your “Test everything” approach with a risk-based approach and focus on your most-at-risks objects.

Detailed Test Report with Debug informationThe Opkey Accelerator generates reports on the successes and failures of tests. These are graphical reports along with debug logs and screenshots for better understanding. It also provides a simplified dashboard for real time data extraction. Thus a detailed and summary report can be extracted to be easily shared with stakeholders. I’m excited to continue my learning journey along with Opkey Accelerator as it's changing the world of test automation at a fast speed. Although end-to-end change management was a lengthy process like updating on a new patch, bug fixing, and re-execution. But now with Opkey Accelerator enterprises are not wasting time on these things rather they utilize their key resources in other productive works. So employing an autonomous tool like Opkey for their change management puts great value on their business. 

 It is really a revolution in the world of automation testing and has taken it to the next level. I’m now officially an Opkey user and a technical content producer. I’m sure this will bring along a whole new host of challenges to overcome, and many more hair-pulling moments, but I’ve made it this far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I am very much looking forward to taking the next steps on my path towards this mastery.

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