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Talking Challenges and Accelerating Test Automation for SAP Fiori Apps

November 20, 2020
Iffat Ara Khanam

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Nowadays, technology is advancing not only in minutes, but every second. SAP Fiori presents a new graphical user interface for SAP Business Suite that can replace the SAP GUI.

SAP Fiori has cross-device application features, allowing the user to start a procedure on their desktop or laptop and continued on a tablet or smartphone. If required, the data can be accessed within an application, on-premise, or cloud systems.

SAP Fiori is established using the latest user interface structure which is UI5. It is a simple, robust platform because SAP UI5 is based on HTML5 and JavaScript. It runs on HANA, which means that even complex HANA evaluations can be seen on your smartphone or tablet in a split second.

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SAP Fiori provides cross-platform support, which make its validation and testing quite complex. In this blog, we will talk about the functional/technical obstacles for SAP Fiori automated testing. And how OpKey offers continuous testing solution with ready-to-use test automation framework that ensures a seamless multi-version, cross-platform implementation and upgrade of SAP S/4 HANA and Fiori.

Challenges in automating SAP Fiori testing

Adopting SAP Fiori requires a significant investment and effort in testing—not only for the base GUI itself but also for the many apps that work with it. Testing the Fiori apps is not only about testing the digital front-end but the integrated platform beneath the UI. Let’s look at major challenges of automating SAP Fiori apps.

Frequent updates

SAP ensures new releases every year for SAP Fiori. These ongoing changes of the SAP Fiori interface require more rapid and more frequent testing. The testing team needs to ensures that the updated system is working and stable which needs to be done in a very short timeframe to ensure your business processes are not at risk.

End-to-end Integrations

SAP transactions typically span multiple SAP and third-party components and encompass a variety of technologies. SAP Fiori is not one single technology, although SAP Fiori apps are using SAPUI5 as the UI technology, in addition to that SAP S/4HANA contains further apps using different UI technologies like WebDynpro apps and SAP GUI for HTML apps. This complexity can make it difficult to track and test changes across the entire landscape.

Version control

Every year SAP releases new versions of SAP Fiori. Within the past few years, we’ve seen SAP Fiori release version 1.38.x, 1.44.x, 1.52.x. Ongoing changes of SAP S/4HANA and Fiori create challenges whether the existing test cases are compatible with the newer versions or not either depending on the changes in the update, you may need to rebuild from scratch.

Testers may experience these technical issues while testing the SAP Fiori apps:

  • Lack of standard HTML controls.
  • Presence of multiple technologies, including SAPUI5 Native and WebDynpro.
  • Large amounts of data stored on a single page, which can be difficult to handle.
  • Movement or changes in objects with each launch, creating an inconsistent environment and an overall experience.
  • Highly dynamic IDs for objects.
  • Regular updates to control libraries (e.g. buttons, drop-down menus), due to ongoing changes to the system.

So choosing the right automation tool is essential to overcome the challenges associated with testing SAP Fiori. An automated end-to-end business process testing can play a critical role to simplify and accelerate the delivery of S/4HANA with fast, iterative testing of Fiori.

OpKey is uniquely qualified to automate complex Fiori applications. It comprises an intelligent ERP suite designed especially for in-memory computing. Key features include:

  • Pre-built Test Accelerator- OpKey’s pre-built accelerator pack for SAP S/4HANA different interfaces (Fiori & WinGUI) provides the most comprehensive test automation support for UI, API, and Service Virtualization. Accelerating test automation by up to 90%.
  • Specific Test Record/Playback for Different versions of SAP Fiori- OpKey’s specific test recorder and playback engine supports multi-versions of SAP Fiori. Parallel test cases can be executed on different versions. The test recorder is also updated continuously to be in sync with the latest version freeing you from all maintenance worries.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility- OpKey supports distributed execution of the same test data on mobile devices, desktops, and browsers. Test cases are multi-platform compatible and make it faster and easier to automate testing of end-to-end business processes. Reusability of test scripts by OpKey improves testing cycle by 10x-20x.
  • Seamless integration with SAP Netweaver- Whether you’re working with SAP Fiori 2.0, Netweaver, or WinGUI, OpKey simplifies UI test automation for stable, sustainable regression testing driven by the latest technology in the market.

OpKey’s AI-Based engine identifies SAP Fiori elements and dynamic control IDs, it comprises of a specialized pre-build library of reusable components to understand Fiori UI controls:

  • Can identify any Fiori Launchpad title for execution
  • Easily handles specialized text boxes
  • Allows drop-down menus to act as a single action rather than multiple automation steps
  • Allows handling of tables since they are not HTML tags
  • Can decouple HTML from actions that adjust to any changes as new versions of SAPUI5 and Fiori are released
  • Identifies objects using attributes that are independent of the position or layout of the object on the page

SAP is introducing Fiori changes rapidly, so the test automation approach has to be robust and adapt to changes easily. SAP Fiori's user experience has changed for the positive, but it’s more challenging for QA teams since the underlying technologies make automation difficult.

Traditional testing approaches aren’t sufficient and won’t be able to keep pace. OpKey, with its AI-based test automation, simplifies and accelerates testing for SAP S/4HANA and Fiori apps achieving upto 80% risk coverage for critical business processes.

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