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Solving Challenges of Oracle Cloud Updates with Continuous Testing

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Whether you are in the middle of your implementation or already using Oracle Cloud, understanding the role of testing in the diversified Oracle Cloud environment with multiple processes, integrations, and impact of the latest release on internal business processes is very essential. These factors make complete testing almost impossible before going live. Adopting continuous automation can provide consistency and peace of mind. Continuous testing provides immediate feedback on a breaking change and saves testing time over the long run. Read this blog and know more about why you need continuous test automation to streamline business assurance of your Oracle Cloud updates.

Why you need continuous test automation for your Oracle Cloud application?

Gartner predicted that “Through 2025, 80% of the incidents that impact an enterprise ERP solution will arise from ineffective or absent integrated application change management processes.”

Oracle provides the following software and hardware updates on a regular schedule and some of those types are listed below:

Types of Updates

Keeping up your Oracle Cloud application with frequent releases, continuous updates, and multiple integrations is quite a challenging task. Let’s see some factors that make rigorous continuous testing a mandatory option for Oracle applications.

  • End-to-End Integrations

Oracle applications are highly distributed and interconnected to multiple end-to-end business processes i.e. mobile UIs, web services, ESBs, APIs, web UIs, mainframes, and other ERPs. Since they go through regular Cloud updates, so end-to-end testing is required to ensure these business processes continue working after any configuration change or update. The challenges involved in executing end-to-end tests can slow down your release process and increase the risk of undetected defects disrupting the business. Therefore, an automated testing tool is required to solve end-to-end testing challenges.

  • Compressed release cycles

Oracle Cloud updates are very frequent and affect a wide range of functionalities, moreover, they must be applied on a scheduled date that is unchangeable. Manual testing cannot scale up with these frequent and complex ERP updates, hence adequate automated testing has the potential to test in such a complex scenario is our requirement. 

  • Continuous Updates

Oracle cloud is updated quarterly or even weekly, with more than a thousand changes, are made each time. Continuous testing is performed for early detection and correction of the bugs immediately to ensure business agility with quality. No amount of manual testing can completely eliminate risk from core business processes given the frequency of updates, the regularity of changes, and the core of functionality that is affected. Extreme test automation is the only way to achieve the required business risk coverage with the necessary speed.

  • Inadequate Test Coverage

One of the biggest challenges faced in Oracle Cloud testing is inadequate to test coverage. Many functional/non-functional attributes added, removed, or updated with each cloud updated to make 100% testing a hard nut to crack. The number of test scripts that can be run manually is limited thus restricting the overall test coverage.  To cover the test adequately, a comprehensive continuous testing approach must be employed.

What do you need in your automation Tool to overcome your Oracle Cloud testing challenges?

  • The tool which can certify an update in the shortest window
  • Is Platform Independent and is easier to integrate with any third party tools out there 
  • Provides an End to end Change management visibility
  • Provides solutions across range of areas in Oracle Cloud like Integration, Security validation and Data integrity
  • Since all our ERP solutions are integrated with one another due to running under same organizations hence one which could be a Multi ERP test Platform would be a best fit 

How OpKey can help in automation testing of Oracle Cloud Updates?

OpKey is a #1 Continuous Testing platform that helps Oracle Cloud Customers by dramatically reducing testing time by over 80% while offering Zero Worry continuity assurance to business teams. OpKey comes with 1500+ pre-built test cases for Oracle Cloud Applications and 400+ Automation components, offering a wider test coverage. Its AI-based Real-time Change impact analysis and Self-healing engine help customers quickly identify risks and autonomously heal test scripts for the updates/changes making it significantly easier in test maintenance efforts.


Whether you’re looking to implement Oracle Cloud Application or using it, understanding the impact of the release on your business process is essential. Oracle offers a narrow time window of two weeks to perform regression testing of all critical business processes. With intelligent Automation Software for Oracle Cloud Application Testing like OpKey, you can accelerate quarterly update implementation and get your certification done in just 4 Days.


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