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QA Testing Checklists for Successful Oracle EBS Testing

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Organizations are moving their Oracle E-Business Suite environments in the cloud because of several benefits like competitive pricing and high computing capacity. Another advantage with migration to Oracle Cloud is that it includes complete lifecycle management. It means that patch updates, cloning, regular technical and functional updates are included as benefits. With security patches and latest product releases, Oracle keeps your applications up-to-date, safe, secure, & innovative. However, with these benefits, some challenges also come.

Since Oracle Cloud quarterly updates consist of new functionality and features, customer enhancement requests and previous release bug-fixes, organizations need to perform regression testing to understand the impact of these updates on the environment. There is a possibility that new bug could be introduced with the updates or fixed bugs could negatively impact your business processes. A robust Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migration strategy is need to maximize ROI.

Application of Oracle updates is compulsory. They are applied on a specific scheduled date that is unchangeable. Customers get 2-week test window to perform regression testing, validate workflows and critical integrations with other applications. Since, Oracle EBS is highly customizable and can be integrated seamlessly with other applications, organizations need to test multiple environments to check whether the latest update hasn’t impacted any of the integration points. Since Oracle EBS testing has its own unique challenges, Oracle customers need an intelligent test automation tool that makes it easier for QA teams to control testing in real-time.

Recommendations for Oracle EBS Cloud Testing

Impact Analysis – Before the updates get into production environment, it is important to conduct impact analysis to identify areas that have changed. Thorough impact analysis mitigates risks that could have negatively impacted your business. Once the risks are analysed, tests can be prioritized based on the severity. Based on business processes, test cases need to be performed.

Functional Testing – Integrated and inter-related systems need to be tested to identify that upgrades have not negatively impacted the connections. Organizations need to test business process set-ups including financials, Core HR, Payroll, SCM, etc.

Security Role Updates – Applications like Oracle EBS offer role-based access to users to comply with compliance requirements. Post update, there is a possibility that roles and security get changed. So, testing needs to be performed to validate data roles, privileges, custom roles, abstract roles, etc.   

End to End Regression Testing – Testing of each functional component such as Payable, HR, Accounting, Payroll, Order Management, etc needs to be performed to check whether workflows are working fine. Oracle customers need visibility across every functional component, system integration, regression, and UAT testing to ensure risk-free upgrade.

Streamline Oracle EBS Cloud Testing with OpKey

OpKey’s real-time impact analysis feature enables organizations to visualize the impact of every configuration change or Oracle Quarterly updates on their Business continuity. With Day1 Impact Analysis study, OpKey helps organizations to conduct comprehensive testing of Oracle Cloud updates. OpKey’s AI-based Self-Healing technology automatically heals test scripts for the valid changes to ensure 90% reduction in Test Maintenance. Self-configuration engine of OpKey quickly identifies test cases that are required to be run for every change to cover all critical business applications in the ecosystem. As an award-winning Oracle EBS Testing Tool, OpKey reduces testing time by up to 80 percent and enhances test coverage up to 60 percent for each release.

OpKey comes with Pre-Built Libraries and Test Cases for Oracle Cloud modules. With 750+ test cases for Oracle HCM based on 500+ reusable libraries, 400+ Test cases in Financial with 175+ reusable libraries and 350+ Test cases across SCM, Project Cloud and Procurement Cloud, OpKey Accelerators reduces regression testing time as well as cost. OpKey’s smart test builder continually updated to ensure that tests are always in sync with latest Oracle Cloud update.

OpKey supports end-to-end integration testing by delivering 500+ real devices to test android and iOS apps. OpKey ensures reliable and easy automation testing of web applications with 400+ web keywords. Testers can use OpKey to seamlessly combine API tests with other systems tests. OpKey, a Continuous Oracle Cloud Testing Platform, integrates your business processes for end-to-end testing.

As security validation tool, OpKey tests your security while minimizing your Security Validation time by over 90%. OpKey performs security roles validation and provides compliance report. The auditable report of OpKey provides information about Custom level Role’s Addition/ Modification/ Removal Stats.


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