This document gives an overview of Automation impacted modules and functionalities, functional updates and issues related to 20A Oracle

Oracle 20A Cloud update is here. Is your test automation ready?

February 18, 2020
Dimpy Sharma

OpKey’s Automation Scripts now Certified With Oracle Cloud 20A Upgrade


This document gives an overview of Automation impacted modules and functionalities, functional updates and issues related to 20A Oracle Update in HCM module. The document also provides test guidance to our customers to have critical runs in place for a quick sanity.

Overview of Automation Impact:

Provides all automation changes on the application related to Oracle HCM Cloud update 20A. It contains information on property change labels, Dom structure changes and object property changes on primary labels impacting critical test artifacts. Tools using Selenium would break due to significant changes in object properties whereas @OpKey we use ‘Visual Identification’ proprietary technology and hence this becomes a ZERO IMPACT scenario for us.

Details of impacted changes can be seen below:


Integration Support for Bank related Objects

  1. You can now create and maintain your bank and bank branches using integration keys. This allows you to update the attributes that are usually used to identify the bank or branch to be updated, such as bank and branch name and number.
  2. These keys are more reliable as compared to the User Keys which are subjected to change at times.


  1. Create Expense Item>Itemized table now appears at the frontend which was under ‘Itemize’ option in previous instance, table inaccessible due to Dom structure change


  1. Conversion rates aren’t available when PO Distributions are created using REST impacting integrations
  2. Transaction Console takes significantly longer time to load
  3. First Party Tax Registration number is blank when using PO web service

Core HR

(A) New Business Objects Supported

  1. Data loading capabilities are extended to support ‘Question’, ‘Questionnaire template’ and ‘Questionnaire’

(B) Document Records REST API Doesn’t Validate Mismatch

  1. When using REST API to load document record attachments, if there's a mismatch between the attachment type and content this isn't validated.
  2. Under ‘Family Emergency Contacts’ >Selection and Addition of Co-worker> ‘Selection criteria’ inaccessible due to Dom structure change.


  1. ‘Create’ button on ‘Create Element Entries’ inaccessible due to Dom structure change


  1. Search employee under ‘Enrollment’ inaccessible due to Dom structure change

Absence Management

  1. ‘Load Disbursement HDL’ is now taking too long to respond and then inaccessible due to loading extensively increased.


  1. Knowledge>Authoring>Create Article > ‘Action’ dropdown inaccessible due to Dom structure change
  2. Helpdesk>HR Service Requests > Message box inaccessible due to Dom structure change


  1. Compensation > Manage Salary > ‘Actions’ dropdown button inaccessible due to Dom structure change

Test Guidance from OpKey

Before each Upgrade is applied to customer environments, we run a comprehensive series of automated tests to validate the features being released against various levels of the environment. These tests validate:

-> The health of the build in a simulated existing customer environment

-> Successful execution of tests in a simulated new customer environment

-> End-to-end business process flows

-> Primary use case scenarios

-> Alternate use case scenarios

-> Additional scenarios derived from design specifications

Setup/Configuration Flows Across ERP/HCM Module

  • Financials Set up and configuration
  • Procurement set up and configuration
  • Project Financial Management configuration and set up
  • Approvals configuration
  • Workforce structure setup
  • Payroll definitions and elements
  • Benefits plans and programs
  • Absence setup and configuration
  • Workforce compensation worksheet configuration
  • Performance documents
  • Competencies and measurements
  • Talent review templates and meetings
  • Time and Labor groups and rules templates
  • Personalizations/Customizations
  • Security data role generation

P1 End-to-End Business Flows Across Financials & Procurement Module

  • Procure to Pay Cycle
  • Order to Cash Cycle
  • Inter-company Transactions
  • Mass Addition Process
  • Create Budget
  • Create Project from Project/Template
  • Process Approval E2E Workflow
  • Generation of Change Order

Critical Business Flows Across HCM Module

  • Hire flow examples:
    a. Create pending worker
    b. Create a nonworker
    c. Rehire a person
  • Global Transfer
  • Process Life Event
  • Promote a worker
  • Termination
  • Conduct Comp Cycle
  • Run Payroll
  • Person Takes Absence
  • Approvals and notifications
  • Security Setup

At OpKey, we certify our automation scripts to Oracle Cloud’s new update in just 3 days and help our customers get their business processes validated within that time frame. The process of updating scripts is extremely swift and painless where customers get their suite updated in technical and functional categories in no time.

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