I started my career as a Software tester five years ago. After a few months of this on-the-job training, I was offered, and gladly accepted,

My Voyage as a Technical Writer

September 4, 2020
Iffat Ara Khanam

I started my career as a Software tester five years ago. After a few months of this on-the-job training, I was offered, and gladly accepted, the post of Software testing trainer. As a trainer creating documentation has always been a part of my job, which included creating both internal documentation and end-user manuals. However, unlike other peers, I never felt that these tasks were a chore or that they were distracting me from the technical ground. This should have been an obvious sign that further down the line, documentation would play a larger role in my life.

After three years in 2018, I took a leap-of-faith and started a technical writing career with an eLearning company. Here, my task was to develop eLearning courses for various computer certification exams. I used to break down complex technical information into easy-to-understand guides, worksheets, and exercises that help the end-users to clear various certification exams.

Being naturally curious about technology and having a mindset with an engineering background, with a natural interest in documentation, helped me to be a better technical writer.

I wrote some software testing articles and blogs for my last employer. This allowed me to learn new tools. I believe that learning something new and then being able to communicate that knowledge to your readers, regardless of their background or previous knowledge of the subject, is a very rewarding task.

I have joined the SSTS family as a Senior Technical Writer. The responsibilities which come with this position, indeed provide a great opportunity to showcase my talent & gives me room to grow. I positively look forward to giving my best to the organization.

My commencement with OpKey

After joining SSTS the first project I was assigned is OpKey. OpKey is basically a cloud-based test automation platform. This tool offers a comprehensive in-depth solution for all agile focused enterprises automating their desktop, web, and mobile applications.

To write good articles or user manuals I need to have in-depth knowledge of the tool. It can be very difficult to convey complex topics if you don’t understand them yourself. Your document should be easy to read both for those within the technical field and those outside of the field.

To solve this purpose and to make me familiar I was provided with some Webinar and documents to read. Later on, my formal training on the OpKey tool was initiated by the company. I started using the tool and understanding its various components and features.

And thus I got introduced to the fascinating world of OpKey. Soon, I became enchanted with this particular tool and began to discover the true power of automation.

And thus my journey with OpKey begins here...

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