To survive in the digital storm of changing technology the digital transformation or digitization could be the way to a new dawn.

Introduction to Opkey's SAP Accelerator

October 9, 2020
Dimpy Sharma

To survive in the digital storm of changing technology the digital transformation or digitization could be the way to a new dawn. When we talk about digital transformation, it is automatically correlated with automation, since that is what is allowing the elimination of manual processes. Without a doubt, automation and innovation are the two key ingredients for a successful digital transformation recipe. A need for transparent information and data flow has forced the industry to use a well-integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool. SAP has immersed itself as a robust ERP tool capable of responding to industry demands.

With S/4HANA along with Fiori Apps, SAP promises more frequent SAP updates than ever before, your business also will continue to develop customizations. With all these changes and updates how enterprises can be business assured. These days when digital transformation is bringing enhancements in every level of application, business users want to be assured that their application is tested properly with each and every change and hence they can go to the production.

Our vision is to bring SAP Accelerator in the market to ensure business assurance, which will be achieved through continuous testing. Our Opkey automation tool helps enterprises to process and validate their business processes by just a click of a button, saving 100s of hours of effort for them.

Transforming SAP Automation Testing with Opkey Surge

Opkey Surge is helping enterprises worldwide to accelerate their SAP testing to keep pace with their digital transformation and manage ECC to S4 HANA upgrades smoothly. Opkey Surge provides unparalleled SAP testing experience with fully automated pre-built SAP tests and components, Risk-based Test Automation, and the end to end visibility into change impact across the entire application ecosystem.

Our Key Features

SAP S/4HANA and SuccessFactors Specific Test Recorder

Opkey provides the industry’s fastest Test Builder specifically designed for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, and SuccessFactors. Opkey’s distinct and comprehensive Test Builder for SAP S/4HANA, Fiori, and SuccessFactors Apps which understands the factors and metadata of SAP to build steady and anchored tests. With the Opkey SAP Test Builder, you can create automated test scripts by recording manual procedures and playing them back using our SAP specific plugin engine.

The test builder is continually updated to make sure tests are always in sync with SAP Systems and the latest version updates freeing you from all maintenance worries.

Change Management Maturity

We perform complete change management by identifying the changes and the artifacts linked with this change. Opkey Surge takes an analysis of change and prioritization hand in hand. The tool analyses transport for different analytics, performs self-healing, generates regression packs and shares easy to read reports ensuring business processes continue to run as intended. Opkey Surge empowers its customers to keep pace with the rapid cadence of release cycles/configuration changes powered by the digital transformation drive of SAP S/4HANA and Fiori Apps accelerating the release of business.

Reduce Risk with Real-time Change Impact Analysis

SAP will continue to issue updates and your business will continue to develop customizations. This feature of Opkey Surge allows customers to focus on something that needs more attention. Instead of testing all the test cases they only need to test those that are highly risky and their dependent components. Thus, eliminating hours of effort and struggle. Through its Impact Analysis, Opkey Surge knows exactly which of your critical business functions are impacted with the actual usage of those business functions. Replace your “Test everything” approach with a risk-based approach and focus on your most-at-risks objects.

Accelerate your SAP S/4 HANA Migration

SAP S/4 HANA migration is critical as it not only impacts your SAP applications but also it's connected systems. Opkey Surge sees into what impact S/4 HANA can have on your business from multiple perspectives and provides an upfront analysis providing clear insight on the risks involved and ensuring business continuity for the frequent S/4 HANA updates.

Opkey’s integration with SAP Solution Manager

Opkey integration with SAP Solution Manager helps to manage the updates and synchronization of cross-system patches. Through integration, enterprises can automatically identify and plan the test cases needed to validate the impact of a standard SAP update package on business processes on which the company relies.

Opkey's SAP Accelerator empowers you to meet all of your challenges and helps you maximize returns on your application investments by making complete automated tests faster to implement, easier to manage, and cost-effective to maintain. Hence, we provide a range of solutions, technologies, and answers to help you choose how and where you want to start your digital journey.

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