Despite accelerated initiatives and hasty adoption of digital solutions due to the situational challenges posed by the pandemic, deals

Accelerate Business Assurance on Salesforce Revenue Cloud

December 4, 2020
Iffat Ara Khanam

Despite accelerated initiatives and hasty adoption of digital solutions due to the situational challenges posed by the pandemic, deals stalled because customer needs suddenly changed, sales channels were disrupted, and forecast data became unreliable because no one knew what to expect. Salesforce applications are not untouched by this situation, as budgets tighten, end buyers now expect fast and flexible purchase options, including how and when to pay. As Salesforce has become a ubiquitous MXDP (Multi-Experience Development Platform) that many internal teams rely on, frequent testing is conducted to ensure that seamless workflow becomes a necessity.

In this blog, we will explain the importance of SFDC testing when Revenue related functionalities are implemented. Further, we will establish how OpKey with its predictive impact analysis and zero code test automation for Salesforce provides a robust testing solution to ensure that there is no missed opportunity or any leakage of revenue.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud, a new package introduced that brings together CPQ and billing, Partner Relationship Management, and B2B commerce capabilities to give businesses a single view of customer transactions and revenue.

How Revenue Cloud Meets the Changing Demands of B2B Buyers:

  • Provide a seamless experience with different sales channels

Revenue Cloud combines sales channels to provide a seamless experience. The channels with which your customer interacts could include directly with your sales team, through partners, or digital storefronts. This feature will allow rep to have a complete understanding of the customer’s existing product history and online interactions at their fingertips for a smooth transaction.

  • Improve visibility of payment balances and consumption limits

Revenue Cloud gives sales reps a clear perception of customer purchases for more strategic interactions. With this feature the sales rep can see the outstanding payment balances and that a customer is approaching their usage limit.

Automatically validating sales orders and consolidating invoices avoids problems such as under-invoicing for services or incorrect tracking of changes to a contract, which can lead to lost revenue in the sales cycle.

  • It’s Not Just Testing but Business Assurance for Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce applications are highly customizable and can be configured and extended to suit almost any requirement. Customization changes, adjusting to different versions, identifying complex Salesforce web components, adapting to Salesforce software updates are some of the factors that make manual testing a daunting task, and these challenges can only be addressed through an adequate test automation tool.

Technical Challenges for Salesforce test Automation:

  • Navigating through frames is difficult that can load content independently in the current HTML document.
  • Working with Dynamic elements having no fixed attributes.
  • Handling dynamic database-driven tables which are controlled by different tabs.
  • Shadow DOM and dynamic pop-ups are not easy to test as it requires coding.
  • Complex interface like the Cloud console makes automation tough.

Therefore, AI-Driven codeless automation for Salesforce testing is the requirement of time to continue the business’ revenue cycles in this pandemic.

Key Features of an Automation tool for Implementing Revenue related Functionalities in SFDC Testing

  • The automation tool should support low/no code for test scripting which enables teams to create and change without having any coding experience.
  • The SFDC testing tool we choose should support Change Impact Analysis that enables the team to assess the most risk functionalities and impacted test suites.
  • High test coverage which can test SFDC at UI and API level across interfaces.
  • Synthetic test data that’s SFDC specific makes tests more real world with better chances of finding defects.
  • End to end integrations support for mobile, web, API, UI, mainframe, ERPS, and third-party applications.

OpKey Surge- A Predictive Autonomous Testing Platform that Accelerates Business Assurance on Salesforce Revenue Cloud

OpKey is an AI-Powered continuous testing platform for rapid Salesforce Testing, provides 60% faster test creation for SFDC analytics with smaller release cycles. Test data is compatible with the latest versions with its reusable, self-healed tests reducing a significant amount of effort. OpKey - predictive autonomous testing platform, significantly accelerates Salesforce testing by 3X-5X. Some of the best offerings of OpKey are:

  • Real-time and effortless creation of robust and reusable test cases with Salesforce Test Builder. Supports 70% faster test creation compared to Selenium.
  • Model-Based Testing approach to generate 200+ test scripts. Over 50+ Pre-Built Salesforce Model increases the test release cycles.
  • Test creation effort is reduced from Months to Hours. Test data is compatible with the latest versions with its reusable, self-healed tests reducing a significant amount of effort.
  • End to end testing challenges to integrate with all the industry-standard CI\CD and ALM tools. Gives day zero readiness for continuous Salesforce testing.
  • Identify the Test cases to be run covering the change risks and ensuring 100% test coverage. Cuts down the SFDC test automation maintenance cost and effort to 80%.

The adoption of Salesforce Revenue Cloud within a company should bring business value and a higher return on investment, thereby meeting the changing demands of B2B buyers. This can be done effectively by introducing test automation into Salesforce and enabling evaluators to focus on rewarding tasks instead of the daunting and error-prone manual test. Since Salesforce testing and automation requires additional agility due to compressed setup and deployment cycles. OpKey provides ready-to-use test automation assets without technical complexities or overhead. Empower business users to gain complete visibility into the quality of Salesforce implementation.

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