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Oracle EBS Automation and OpKey

Pallavi Sharma 31.03.2017

Sitting in an outlet and sipping on my cutting chai (Well if you are not from India, let me tell you a cutting chai is a tea offered in a small glass), I got a call from my colleague informing of another successful project we completed for Oracle EBS test automation with OpKey. And my mind immediately raced to what we call in india as ‘Jugaad’. In simple terms it means hack. And well in some sophisticated terms let us call it Frugal Innovation.  Let us have a look at few pictures to understand frugal innovation better.




The first picture shows using a pressure cooker to replace froth coffee, the rest I believe are self explanatory.


So coming back to why i thougt about Frugal innovation. Because OpKey team used some solid innovation to solve one of the complex problems faced in test automation of oracle ebs forms with selenium. Well to understand how have we done that, let us first understand the problem at hand.


Problem statement: How to automate oracle EBS?


Oracle E business suite consists of a collection of ERP, CRM and SCM applications either developed or acquired by oracle. The application run as oracle applets or they run within the web browser and inside it opens the oracle form and runs. An example of such an application is shown in the picture below:



The issue with such application is that it may contains web controls which can work with popular open source test automation tools like Selenium, but at the same time it contains controls which Selenium cannot recognize, specially the one which belong to the oracle applets. So is there a way out where we can use Selenium to automate web controls and when we come across oracle controls we can automate them? Can we create a platform which can allow integration of different automation tools in the same test script and help us automate the scenario at hand.




We studied the solution offered by different tools available in the market. Some cost close to a villa in Greece, and some required you to be a programmer in NASA to write the test script to automate the oracle application. We prepared this table for you to have a look at the existing solutions available for Oracle EBS automation –



All this was not acceptable to us, we were firm on finding a better way out. Oh by the way I forgot to tell you, that why exactly people drink cutting chai. You see it has got special powers to help you start thinking about Jugaads, I meant frugal innovation. So that’s what we did, over endless discussions and cup of teas a solution to which doesn’t require programming knowledge and is not heavy on your pocket.




OpKey, a tool agnostic test automation platform allows you to author test scenarios using generic as well as application type specific keywords. Not only this its inbuilt recorder can recognize the oracle applet objects and create test case based on the user actions captured while recording. And we can then add a few keywords for web which runs over selenium in the same test case if incase our script demands. Voila, we get a test script which can automate the testing of a web with oracle control application. Well how do we do that, and what all we provide will form the next reading series of our frugal innovation at SSTS. Now my cup of tea has gone all cold, let me warm it a little bit. You see in India we prefer our tea hot :)


You can refer the below given help video:


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