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How to install Self-Signed SSL Certificate on Mozilla Firefox?

Radhe Shyam Prajapati 12.05.2017

While working with OpKey SaaS on Mozilla Firefox web browser, and using OpKey Smart Recorder for the first time, you will need to install the self-signedSSL certificate on Mozilla Firefox manually. Follow the below given instructions to install this SSL certificate:

(1) Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the Menubar.

(2) Click Tools menu & then click Options.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)1.jpg

(3) Options page of Mozilla Firefox opens as follows:


Note: If this SSL certificate is not installed on the Mozilla Firefox browser, then you will not be able to continue with the recording process, as the OpKey Smart Recorder will remain searching for the certificate and will not proceed further.


(4) Click on Advanced. Select Certificates tab and click View Certificates link.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)2.jpg


(5) Certificate Manager Page opens. Select Authorities tab and click on Import.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)3.jpg

(6) Navigate to the SSL certificate path location on your local driveC:UsersUser_NameOpKeySmartRecordercertgenX509CAca


Note: This is the location where Mozilla Firefox certificate located. When you start recording using OpKey Smart Recorder for the first time, it automatically gets located here. Please enter your name at User_Name section of the above given path.


(7) Select the OpKey Security Certificate from the given location & click Open.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)4.jpg

(8) Downloading Certificate page opens. Check all checkboxes as shown below and click OK.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)5.jpg


(9) Now, you can view that the Self signed SSL security certificate for OpKey Smart Recorder has been installed successfully. You can view it. Click on OK.

C:Usersradheshyam.prajapatiDesktopBlog (17.11.17)6.jpg

Now, you can use OpKey Smart Recorder on Mozilla Firefox without any issue.

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